Are you a wimp? Most likely yes.

no-wimps-signI’ve had a pretty big awakening recently. I went to Warrior Week and got my world rocked. It was the hardest, most challenging thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

I saw my life in a whole new way and found depths in myself that I didn’t know existed.

One of the biggest things I realized is that I’ve never really stood up and fought for anything, ever. I let people run over me constantly and then justify it by claiming that I’m “taking the high road” or some crap like that.

I’ve let business partners run over me. I’ve let customers run over me. I’ve let friends and relatives do the same. I always justified it by “being the nice guy” or some pussified nonsense like that.

As men, we used to have a right of passage. You became a “man” by going on the first hunt or going to a battle of some sort. These days we have nothing like that. At best we go to college and get a degree and then our earning power is the right of passage.

It’s turned our nation and lots of the world into a giant pool of weak-kneed panzies. If your earning power is strong enough you get to indulge in a “mid-life crisis” once you get over 40 and realize all the crap we’ve been led to believe is just that, crap.

That means 40+ years of going down the wrong path and wasting a shitload of your life. All because you were never taught to be a man. Even worse, unwinding all that programming is damn near impossible without some massive amount of getting your ass kicked.

We are taught to believe that being a man and fighting the righteous fight is somehow wrong and that you should be nice. If you do stand up and state your truth then you are called rude or mean or an asshole. Its because our modern world has pushed every man’s inner warrior down into a tiny small space and is told to keep him quiet.

Well FUCK THAT. That’s about a 100 ton load of HORSESHIT.

Because of this we have bullshit wars, fucked up financial systems, corrupt politicians and so many laws is disgusting. Even the simple act of spitting is against the law. It’s gotten way out of fucking control and it’s time for the warriors inside of all men to fucking rise up and stop being hidden.

I did this video a couple days ago as an update for my company and it’s rocked my team and my customer base. Most are fired up and see the truth and power in it. Some got scared shitless and thought I was being mean to them and thought I should be turned into the FTC.

Here’s the video:

It’s amazing what happens when you step into your power and REALLY awaken the warrior inside you. You immediately will trigger other’s fears and insecurities. The weakest see that as a threat and try to hide behind whatever bullshit mechanism than can find, like the FTC. Man I’d LOVE to see the FTC staff watching that video! Haha!

So here’s the message; Stand the fuck up and stopping being a bunch of damned wimps. Standing up for yourself is not wrong, or mean nor does it make you an asshole. It means you are a man.

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve been fight training in Muay Thai kickboxing since 2008 so I damn well know how to fight. I’ve been in enough bar fights to know I can handle myself pretty well. That’s NOT what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about fighting for:

Body: Fight for your fucking health because you get one shot and that’s it. Health is key. I’ve fucked this up for 45 years.

Being: Fight for your spiritual being because being grounded in that brings peace and calm. Being a warrior doesn’t mean being at war all the time. It means being true to who you are and standing up for that. Being grounded spiritual balances all that out. It’s a MUST.

Balance: How’s your home life? Your relationship with your spouse? Your kids? Your legacy? That’s WAY important to fight for. Most strong businessmen have disastrous home lives because they don’t fight for it. Stop being a wimp and treat your spouse like a queen and your life will change.

Business: This is where I’ve been both a warrior and a wimp at that same time. You have to fight for your business. You should treat it as war, not a hobby.

It’s a VERY rare man that really has all four of those areas dialed in and STRONG. Well you just met one, me. And I’m not taking any shit any longer. I’m standing in my power and owning it.

One of the symptoms of not standing in your power is self-deprecating humor. We have been programmed to make fun of ourselves and to call ourselves by really dis-empowering names to get a laugh. But that shit doesn’t serve you or me or anyone else. Yeah it’s funny but it’s also a silent tool to neuter yourself.

That’s because your unconscious mind believes and acts on every message fed to it, especially those messages coming from YOU. So you can laugh all you want but that self-deprecating humor is turning you into a woman, and a weak one at that. Women, your self-talk matters too so don’t think you are off the hook.

I’ve been the worst at this for YEARS. Just look at the name of my main blog, The Marketing Moron. I thought it was cute and funny and I thought making fun of myself would endear the marketplace to me.

What a bunch of weak-assed shit!

I’m not a fucking moron, far from it. I’m a smart mother fucker and I know marketing better than an extremely large majority of the world. So I’m stepping into that power and OWNING IT!

So from now on, this site is basically dead. I’m killing it and sending it to pansy hell. I’ll keep it here for SEO purposes but that’s it. So this is my last post on this site.

From now on, my blog will be located at because that’s who the fuck I am.

I hope you join me on my journey to escape pansy land.

That’s it for now. Get your ENTIRE life in check or you will lose it.

See you on



April 29, 2015

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…and then I launched my own secret society.

So there I was, staring at the gun. It was pointed at my face.

“How rude!” I thought to myself. But inside I was shaking with fear.

“This is really gonna hurt,” I heard myself say.

The guy holding the gun just laughed.

Wow, not good.

I gotta get out of here.

———Fast forward three years———>

My life has been a whirlwind in the last three years.

– Major mid-life crisis. Check.

– Divorce. Check.

– Nearly completely destroyed business. Check.

– Depression and suicidal. Check.

– Gratitude, finding and loving myself, new awesome relationship, exploding business, awesome life…

Check, check and check.

Yep it’s been a wild and awesome ride.

As I look back on the day when the gun was pointed my face, I see a major missed opportunity.

But if I didn’t have the last three crazy years I wouldn’t have even seen that day as pivotal.

“Wait, what? A gun shoved in your face isn’t pivotal?”

I know I hear you. Seems like it should be.

But at the time it just wasn’t. I was so engulfed in self-hatred at the time I couldn’t see incredible things right in front of me. I was living in a serious mental fog.

That day was pivotal because that was the day I decided to launch my own secret society.

I’ve studied secret societies for most of my life. It all started when I was a very young. My dad gave me a book titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” I was immeditately hooked and since that time I’ve studied all these “secret societies” in extreme depth.

From that time forward I’ve hated how those secret societies and the REAL one-percenters run the world at our expense.

But then three years ago I had a brilliant plan. Why not start my own?

My good friend Doug Allen and I concocted the whole thing. It was an amazing plan…until…

…I lost my freakin’ mind and went off the deep end.

But now I’m back and better than ever and I’m launching that secret society now!


This society is called “The Automati.” (Guess its not secret anymore. Damn.)

You’ll hear a lot more about it in the coming days and how you can join.

Stay tuned,

Matt “Illuminati Copier” Trainer

P.S. OK this is the “PS” part of the post where I give sidebar comments. I can’t think of anything today but I did find this cool video.

Really brings back old memories…  🙂

Yes the gun story is true.

The rest of that story coming in next email…

Stay tuned.



March 10, 2015

marketing for dummies…

I have to admit, I thought Instagram was freakin’ LAME!8191946_f260

My fiancé was always talking about it and I wanted nothing to do with the damn thing.

I’m really not a fan of social media as it is, but finally listenting a testing a bit…

I really think she’s onto something.

Now just a few weeks after getting started with it I’m an addict.

I’m not afraid to admit it, Instagram is BAD ASS!

A year ago I was talking smack about hashtags.
(Still seems dumb to me but man they work.)

My fiance showed me how to get in front of the right audience for my custom car and motorcycle business.

Then seemingly out of the blue, one of the best custom automotive fabricators in the world reached out to me.

Then just a few days ago Jay Leno’s right hand man and “car guy” contacted me via Instagram and wanted to talk to me about my shop.

Not about marketing. He’d never heard of me. He wanted to talk about my shop.

Guess this stuff is legit?

It’s stupid simple to get this level of engagement. I did ZERO marketing. I just showed cool pictures from my shop.

It really is “Marketing For Dummies.”

Get the free training she did for me here.

Talk soon,

P.S. Since Instagram is such a visual medium, I’m applying what I’ve learned to everything automotive.
Not many people know this, but I’ve owned a few car lots and custom car shops in my life.

If you know the ropes, the car business can make you a LOT of money really fast.

My buddy did a cool course on how he makes millions buying and selling high end used cars.

Check it out here >>>>

It’s the PERFECT business for Instagram too because the visual part does all the marketing for you.

Again, marketing for dummies. Just put the two together and you have something very cool and really simple.

Get the free Instagram training here and the Zero Down Car Millionaire course here.

Oh, and follow me on Instagram at @quantumcustoms too!
(I mainly only post cool shit from around my shop.)

What’s going well?

In today’s world most people only focus on the negative.abundance_or_scarcity_your_choice_131479508

The “missing” pieces.

The “scary” stuff.

The stress-causing crap around us every day.

I just had to stop today and say, “Why is that?”

My belief is that 90% of that mindset comes from our mass media.

Mass media is all negative, especially the news.

Just stop watching that crap. They only put out the crap they do because it gets people watching.

Frank Kern once called it the “Rubberneck Effect.”

People would MUCH rather watch car crashes than traffic flying down the highway successfully. The mass media knows this and manipulates your psychology so they can sell more ad space. I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off.

I wholeheartedly do not believe this is “human nature” as many claim.

I believe its “human nurture.”

Meaning, most of us are raised from birth in a small-thinking, scarcity mindset world.

That is all a lie but we buy into it because the “dark side” is so much easier to buy into.

The TRUTH is that the world has EXTREME abundance.

More than you can even wrap your mind around even at your most positive.

So let me ask you this:
What’s working really well in your life?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,
Matt “Abundance Thinking” Trainer

P.S. In case you are wondering, I have a LOT of things working really well in my life.

– I recently got engaged to the most incredible woman I’ve ever met

– My dog just responded really well to a brutal infection and surgery

– I’m launching the biggest project of my life over the next few weeks that’s going to change Internet marketing in a huge way.

– I’m no longer living my life in depression and fear.

– My health is awesome!

– You are reading my emails! Thanks for that. I have immense gratitude for you.

Here’s a positive video for you (ok its not THAT positive but you will laugh your ass off).


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