Are you a wimp? Most likely yes.

no-wimps-signI’ve had a pretty big awakening recently. I went to Warrior Week and got my world rocked. It was the hardest, most challenging thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

I saw my life in a whole new way and found depths in myself that I didn’t know existed.

One of the biggest things I realized is that I’ve never really stood up and fought for anything, ever. I let people run over me constantly and then justify it by claiming that I’m “taking the high road” or some crap like that.

I’ve let business partners run over me. I’ve let customers run over me. I’ve let friends and relatives do the same. I always justified it by “being the nice guy” or some pussified nonsense like that.

As men, we used to have a right of passage. You became a “man” by going on the first hunt or going to a battle of some sort. These days we have nothing like that. At best we go to college and get a degree and then our earning power is the right of passage.

It’s turned our nation and lots of the world into a giant pool of weak-kneed panzies. If your earning power is strong enough you get to indulge in a “mid-life crisis” once you get over 40 and realize all the crap we’ve been led to believe is just that, crap.

That means 40+ years of going down the wrong path and wasting a shitload of your life. All because you were never taught to be a man. Even worse, unwinding all that programming is damn near impossible without some massive amount of getting your ass kicked.

We are taught to believe that being a man and fighting the righteous fight is somehow wrong and that you should be nice. If you do stand up and state your truth then you are called rude or mean or an asshole. Its because our modern world has pushed every man’s inner warrior down into a tiny small space and is told to keep him quiet.

Well FUCK THAT. That’s about a 100 ton load of HORSESHIT.

Because of this we have bullshit wars, fucked up financial systems, corrupt politicians and so many laws is disgusting. Even the simple act of spitting is against the law. It’s gotten way out of fucking control and it’s time for the warriors inside of all men to fucking rise up and stop being hidden.

I did this video a couple days ago as an update for my company and it’s rocked my team and my customer base. Most are fired up and see the truth and power in it. Some got scared shitless and thought I was being mean to them and thought I should be turned into the FTC.

Here’s the video:

It’s amazing what happens when you step into your power and REALLY awaken the warrior inside you. You immediately will trigger other’s fears and insecurities. The weakest see that as a threat and try to hide behind whatever bullshit mechanism than can find, like the FTC. Man I’d LOVE to see the FTC staff watching that video! Haha!

So here’s the message; Stand the fuck up and stopping being a bunch of damned wimps. Standing up for yourself is not wrong, or mean nor does it make you an asshole. It means you are a man.

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve been fight training in Muay Thai kickboxing since 2008 so I damn well know how to fight. I’ve been in enough bar fights to know I can handle myself pretty well. That’s NOT what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about fighting for:

Body: Fight for your fucking health because you get one shot and that’s it. Health is key. I’ve fucked this up for 45 years.

Being: Fight for your spiritual being because being grounded in that brings peace and calm. Being a warrior doesn’t mean being at war all the time. It means being true to who you are and standing up for that. Being grounded spiritual balances all that out. It’s a MUST.

Balance: How’s your home life? Your relationship with your spouse? Your kids? Your legacy? That’s WAY important to fight for. Most strong businessmen have disastrous home lives because they don’t fight for it. Stop being a wimp and treat your spouse like a queen and your life will change.

Business: This is where I’ve been both a warrior and a wimp at that same time. You have to fight for your business. You should treat it as war, not a hobby.

It’s a VERY rare man that really has all four of those areas dialed in and STRONG. Well you just met one, me. And I’m not taking any shit any longer. I’m standing in my power and owning it.

One of the symptoms of not standing in your power is self-deprecating humor. We have been programmed to make fun of ourselves and to call ourselves by really dis-empowering names to get a laugh. But that shit doesn’t serve you or me or anyone else. Yeah it’s funny but it’s also a silent tool to neuter yourself.

That’s because your unconscious mind believes and acts on every message fed to it, especially those messages coming from YOU. So you can laugh all you want but that self-deprecating humor is turning you into a woman, and a weak one at that. Women, your self-talk matters too so don’t think you are off the hook.

I’ve been the worst at this for YEARS. Just look at the name of my main blog, The Marketing Moron. I thought it was cute and funny and I thought making fun of myself would endear the marketplace to me.

What a bunch of weak-assed shit!

I’m not a fucking moron, far from it. I’m a smart mother fucker and I know marketing better than an extremely large majority of the world. So I’m stepping into that power and OWNING IT!

So from now on, this site is basically dead. I’m killing it and sending it to pansy hell. I’ll keep it here for SEO purposes but that’s it. So this is my last post on this site.

From now on, my blog will be located at because that’s who the fuck I am.

I hope you join me on my journey to escape pansy land.

That’s it for now. Get your ENTIRE life in check or you will lose it.

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Matt Trainer

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Rob - July 29, 2015 Reply

Awesome post Matt! See you at the new blog!

Jason - July 29, 2015 Reply

I fucking loved the video, this is the guy/company I will follow! Great post and greatly appreciate your honesty!

Michael Hill - July 29, 2015 Reply


This blog may be in purgatory by now, but I wanted to congratulate you on “stepping into your power”, as you put it. I will absolutely affirm that you are a smart mofo, and if you have been studying Muay Thai for 7 years, you are also a badass.

Thanks for the inspiration. All men need to heed this message! Women too! This is no attack on your gender or role in life. You should be fighting fiercely for exactly the same things that are listed above.

I have no idea whether you have any interest in leading a movement, but if you do, count me in.


Jason Cardamone - July 29, 2015 Reply


Dude for the past year…I’ve thought about this site’s name, what it means to the marketing world, and to one’s self-esteem.
(Both the author, you, as well as to the reader…like what kind of guy am I to be following someone that calls themself a moron?…when they are clearly the furthest thing from it.)

I LOVE that you’re embracing your inner warrior, standing up for what you know is right, and for moving everything to your name.

Brother – I support you 100% in all you’ve done, in your transformation, and where you’re going. You are creating an amazing legacy, and I’m deeply honored to call you a friend.

PS – and you just put into words what I’ve been trying to describe for years…
I’ve coached SO many people that were unsuccessful, who had nothing like high level sports or military to develop their right of passage…
(although clearly that is not the only right of passage…and clearly the vast majority of humanity NEED to wake up, and stand up for themselves!)


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