[PL Part 3] And then I got a staph infection…

Previously on Project Luck…

Part 1 – The blood-stained paper read…YOU DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES
Part 2 – How to lose 1.9 million dollars


Three Days Later…

I’m sitting on the doctor’s table. My left elbow swollen to the size of an orange. It’s very red and hot.

The doctor says its a staph infection. Awesome.

The cut on my left elbow was the worst one. Turns out that having an open cut around a public pool is not  a good thing.

I have to undergo some crazy painful shots and draining to avoid the infection spreading.

Doctor says if not treated agressively now, he might have to cut out part of my muscle and my elbow joint.

And the hits just keep on comin’.

  • Down 1.9 million dollars.
  • Banned for life from the hotel I told you about
  • And now a really bad staph infection

But, strangely, I’m actually feeling pretty positive. After all, thanks to the rude girl, I had the flash of realization I know how to get it all back and more. And fast.

This time I’m gonna keep it.

So let’s get into it.

Want to create sustainable, automated DAILY profits (not income, REAL PROFITS)?

Here’s the formula again from yesterday:
Traffic + Copy + Product = $$$

Again, there’s a missing piece and a here’s the kicker…


It’s the game changer.

It’s the one NO ONE teaches much less does.

It’s the piece that builds long term wealth, steady income and life changing results fast.

It’s also the reason I lost the 1.9 million dollars.

I didn’t have this piece in place and work it.

So what is it?


So here’s the REAL formula:
Traffic + Copy + Product + Connection = Everything you want

Without connection the whole thing falls apart.

What do I mean by connection?

I mean building real relationships with people. Building a tribe. Truly caring about people that buy from you.Really helping THEM. Keeping their wants, needs and desires as your first priority. It’s the opposite of the way most businesses operate and the way nearly ALL Internet marketing is done.

99.9% of Internet marketers just pound people over the head with hypey bullshit marketing until they, as Dan Kennedy puts it:

“Buy, unsubscribe or die.”

Hell even I’ve been guilty of it. Let’s fix that now. It’s simple to do. All you have to do is care just  10% more. That’s it. Just 10% more will change the world.

The same way I’m sharing my experiences here and helping you is all you have to do. Just be real and teach people BEFORE they buy anything from you. If done right, then you can completely suck at marketing and still kill it.

You don’t need to be a great copywriter. You don’t need extensive marketing skills at all.  All you have to do is tell stories and CONNECT.

It’s exactly the same thing you would do at a party. Imagine each optin, lead, visitor is the same as a person you just met at a party.

Because guess what – TRAFFIC IS PEOPLE! Real flesh and blood with real feelings, concerns, desires, interests, families, etc. Traffic is NOT just numbers!

At a party when meeting a new person you would never just start by saying, “Hi, I’m Matt. Check out my new FREE video! After you watch it and buy my shit I’ll give you a free cool ebook!”

It seems ridiculous when you think of it that way but that’s exactly how nearly all Internet marketers do it.

Instead, treat your optin, lead, traffic as a new person you just met and give them some value.Tell them a story. Share a part of yourself. Be real. Connect.

Then MUCH later you can OFFER them something they can buy to help add to what you already gave them in value.

Done right, it’s SO much more effective. Plus, when you keep that going, you have a customer FOR LIFE.

They will buy from you over and over because now you are a “friend”. Someone who actually cares about their well being.Read those last two paragraphs again and really let that sink in.

Go ahead…I’ll wait….  🙂

That my friend is the “secret” to all this Internet marketing stuff.

Just connect and be real – always, constantly and consistently.

Connection is the glue that holds this all together too. Then the rest of the “formula” is SO DAMN EASY! Seriously.

Let’s look at TRAFFIC.

Traffic is the easiest part of this whole equation. It really is. You just buy traffic or create it with time. That’s it.

There are all kinds of tactics for traffic but none of them really matter if you don’t get the connection part right. Once you do, then traffic is just about scaling and making more.

In coming emails I’ll give you more details on driving traffic. But please don’t put so much weight on it.


For now, you just need to change your thinking and understand, DEEPLY, that traffic is real people.

OK what about COPY?

Well copy is nothing more than words used to connect. NOT SELL. Selling should happen on it’s own without even trying. If you connect, then selling is almost automatic.

So copy is not some magic art you have to pay for or study forever.  It’s just about speaking to people in the words they use and SERVING them. That’s it.

See how connection makes that easy?

Ok so what about PRODUCT?

By now you should see that product ALMOST doesn’t even matter. If you connect like you would a friend, you will only give them referrals to quality products.

The product doesn’t have to be your own. Most of the money I make comes from referring my “tribe” to other people’s products that I really feel will benefit them.

That’s the key. You don’t just connect and then slam any latest “shiny object” launch down their throat.

You would never do that to a friend. So don’t do it to your list or traffic.

That’s it guys.

All this stuff comes WAY easier once you simply start connecting and stop trying to MARKET.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned to this email series.

Tomorrow I’ll teach you why nearly ALL product launches are completely flawed and why you see them over and over.

PLUS, how I lost $70,000 on a product launch! How the hell do you do that?

Hint: There was no connection.

See you tomorrow.
Matt “Make A Connection” Trainer

P.S. Time to talk results. Using the exact steps I wrote down in Project Luck I told you about  yesterday, here are some real results:

  • Over $18,000 in profit from sending three emails over 4 days, promoting someone else’s product
  • $200/day in sales from the SEO project on autopilot that took only a few hours work to setup
  • Over $80k profit in just a couple weeks with about 5 phone calls (this is for consulting)
  • $22,400 affiliate commission from 3 emails in 3 days
  • $350/day net profit from a site that took only 12 hours to put together

I could go on but you get it. Here’s the kicker. I only used a very small list to get these results.

On two of those projects, I didn’t even have a list! I built one in just a few days. I’ll show you how to do that too.

Again, the key is connection.

I’ll teach you a lot more about this is the next few emails.

Here’s what’s coming still:

PL Part 4 – The right way to do market research
PL Part 5 – Fast and simple site setup
PL Part 6 – How to ****** the right way to really sink this in forever
PL Part 7 – WTF is with all the Facebook hype? Here’s how to really do social media the right way
PL Part 8 – How to scale out paid traffic and really crush it…consistently

See you tomorrow. Stop listening to Tracy Chapman! That shit is depressing!  🙂

Matt Trainer

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Dylan - April 12, 2012 Reply


Will you be teaching how you got those results that you listed?

I’m loving this series!

From Matt: 100%. Keep reading. 🙂

Preston - April 17, 2012 Reply

Hey Matt, I agree. I am a sales and marketing coach and teach our students in the first lesson about the connection, bonding and rapport. There is way to much, what we call the We-We-We syndrome where everyone only talks about we do this and we do that and do you want to buy what we got because we got the best price, and boy do we have a deal for you, lol.

You hit it, I get linked in connections all the time, send an email and say hi, here’s my stuff if you know anyone… Why the hell would I promote you to my “tribe” if I don’t even know you. It’s just a waste of their and my time.

From Matt: If only more sales trainers where like you. Keep it up!

Mary Reilly - June 26, 2012 Reply

This is great.

Anthony Aires - November 3, 2013 Reply

So crazy I had this formula figured out when I was a real estate broker …

RE Deals are made on connections…usually a home is the biggest purchase people make in their lives and I understood that connection was key. I was especially good with the wives, since I grew up with 3 sisters bonding with women is easy for me.

Anyways went on to be at the right place at the right time from 2002 to 2007 I rode the real estate boom and I was great at generating leads through seo had been doing it since 2002 and connecting with people.

Let’s just say those were great years and six figure months were common.

It’s crazy bc I see it now so clearly after reading this post since I got into the info-publishing … internet marketing world it’s been the missing piece.

Obviously I can connect with people by default or I wouldn’t have had the successes I’ve had, but not focusing on cultivating it more and mastering is very clear to me now that … that’s the reason I haven’t reached the levels I did in Real Estate…

HUGE Ahhhh Haaaaa Moment for me …

Thanks Brother Matt!

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