December 18, 2013

Why scarcity ruins lives…

Yesterday I sent an email about my friend Peter Parks who’s cranking out $100k/day on facebook.

Check it out here if you missed it.

A lot of people were excited by the numbers and by the fact that its not any blackhat BS. But a couple people
responded with the craziest scarcity mindset I’ve ever heard.

One guy wrote and said:

“Yeah right, if Peter were really making that much there’s
no way he would share it with the world! Why would you
when you can keep it quiet and keep all the money to yourself?”

It made me really stop and think how pervasive the scarcity mindset it.

In fact, it pissed me off.

Our world is so focused on LACK instead of ABUNDANCE.

It should be a crime and it should piss EVERYONE off.

Peter is one of the nicest and most humble people I know. Yes he does well but he TRULY LOVES helping others

He has an abundance mindset.Scarcity vs Abundance

Abundance means there’s an unlimited supply so why not share it with the world. Help as many people as possible because it’s awesome and makes you feel great to give back and share.

Scarcity means that you have to horde all you can. There’s not enough to go around! So f*@k everyone else, I’m getting mine and I’m not sharing SH!T! Oh and screwing over as many people as possible to get there helps too because “We can’t ALL be rich right?”


I REALLY hate the scarcity mindset. It’s such a downer to hear people rant when they are in full scarcity mode.

There truly is an unlimited supply of wealth and there’s no reason NOT to share and help others.

So join us this Thursday at 5 PM EST and learn exactly how to do $100,000 per day on facebook.

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Keep your mind focused on abundance.
It’s a much bigger and better world than you can imagine.

See ya tomorrow,
Matt “Abundance Like A Mofo” Trainer

P.S. Here’s the registration link again for you scrollers.

Matt Trainer

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