April 19, 2013

Results Are The New Marketing

Results Trump Marketing

The greatest marketing in the world will be trumped by one sentence of real results.

Now that Internet marketing has matured, people have heard all the hyped up marketing. It’s all old and slimy sounding now.

One thing will never be slimy…

Real results.

My friend Luke Jaten put a simple post on Facebook yesterday. He simply posted about a customer of ours from the Postcard Traffic days (a product we launched in 2009).

That customer had gone on to do REALLY well.

Here’s what Luke posted:

“I’m sure this is going to sound like bragging but anyway…

I was talking to my buddy Matt Trainer the other day and he tells
me he just got off the phone with a guy who went through a course we taught
a few years back (called Postcard Traffic), and the guy told him he’s
sold 250,000 units of his product using what we taught him in that course.”

You can see it the thread here:

The reason I bring it up is because that day Luke was having a bad day. He called just to talk about life and he was pretty bummed out. He was doubting himself like we all do from time to time.

Believe me I doubt myself sometimes too. Sometimes we just wonder if any of this stuff we do is really making a difference. So I told him that story and got him fired up again.

It’s gets interesting because the response to that simple post on Facebook set off a storm of responses. That’s because it’s real results. People resonate with results more than anything.

You don’t have to be very good at marketing. In fact, you can suck but still do well if you can show real results.

Results trump even the world’s best marketing.

Focus on that one thing and you will always crush it.

Talk soon,

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Matt Trainer

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