[PL Part 5] I’m flawed…obviously

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Meanwhile back at the office.

I’m sitting here thinking of how to frame today’s lesson. Then I realize I’ve already framed it pretty well in the previous couple days.

You should REALLY get it by now.

[sp_font family=”Sketch Rockwell” size=”28px”]Connection.[/sp_font] 

That’s how to make it online now and forever.

If you connect you can write your own ticket. You can make as much money as you want. You can create change. You can have every desire you’ve ever longer for.

Just connect. The rest of the equation comes easy after that.

I’m a flawed person. That’s pretty damn obvious from the last several emails I sent you.

– I drink too much sometimes
– I make dumb mistakes that cost me a lot of money
– I upset people
– I don’t do all the things I should
– I’m not that great at marketing
– I’m not focused enough
– I spend too much money on material things

I’m flawed.

But you know what? None of that matters.

I know how to tell a story and connect with people. I know how to leverage that and make all the money I’ll ever need. And because of that I’m free.

That’s where I want to get you to. Crazy part is you are almost there with what I’ve been teaching you.

Let’s get into today’s lesson.

First off, let’s set the mood.

Go to Pandora. Search for “Nicolas Jaar” and create a station based on that. Then let it play in the background.

Ok now we can focus.

This will put you in perfect learning mode (at least that’s what I heard)  🙂

Yesterday we left off with:

“But how do you find a hungry, insanely passionate and irrational crowd that’s craving a solution?”

OK let’s start with the broad markets. People always want these things:

– Better health
– More money
– To be loved (sex too of course)
– Entertainment

If you always stay in those markets you can make all the money you ever need. Of course those are VERY broad so dig in a little deeper.

Let’s go with dating. That’s an easy one since the market for love, romance and dating is huge and will always be that way.

The dating crowd has a strong desire to fill that need. Now look for a narrower group that we can really connect with.

What about dating for tall people? I just pulled that out of the air because I have two very good friends that struggled for YEARS in the dating scene because they are taller than average.

It’s especially hard for tall women. So let’s target them.

Women (more than men) have a natural desire for connection and intimacy. But imagine if you are a tall woman?

You can already imagine that she has it MUCH harder than other women. Think there’s a stronger craving to fill that hole then? Of course. Perfect market to target.

But how to we really KNOW this and how can we VALIDATE (make sure there’s money to be made) the market?

Here’s a couple tricks.

  1. Do a Google search for the term “how to meet tall men” or something similar
    You’ll immediately see all kinds of PPC ads. That’s a great sign. We know advertisers are spending money because there is money to be made. Perfect.
    Next you’ll see all kinds of “tall dating” sites. Again more validation.
  2. Now here’s a ninja trick. On the left side of the Google results page there are lists of other things to search. Click on the “More” link to expand the choices. 

Then click on “Discussions“. What will come up is all kinds of results for Google groups, forums and other discussion groups.

Then all you have to do is dig in and spy on the conversations going on there. Don’t take shortcuts on this step. It’s super critical.

Spend AT LEAST an hour on this. It’s even better if you join the conversations and ask questions.

You’ll learn the stuff your “audience” loves. You’ll learn the stuff they hate. You’ll learn the real pain points. You’ll learn the words they use.

[sp_font family=”Sketch Rockwell” size=”28px”]You’ll learn how to connect.[/sp_font]

After some time spent on this and taking some notes. You’ll definitely see a problem they are craving to solve. Now you just need to connect and give it to them.

For this market I would ask all kinds of questions about how other tall women meet tall men. Find the people that are sharing success stories and ask them.

Then take the answers and create a “Meet Tall Men Cheat Sheet” or a something like “Tall Sexy Woman’s Guide To Meeting Hot Tall Men”. Of course you want to use the words THEY would use.

Really push their “pain” buttons.

Then provide a solution.

This shouldn’t take more than a half day of work at MOST.

Then just give away the report, guide, cheat sheet you just created. Offer your report in exchange for their email address. Just provide a solution and don’t be hypey. Be real and use the words they use that you’ve learned from your research.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]NOW YOU NEED SOMEWHERE TO PUT IT[/sp_font]

You need a landing page to collect email addressees.

Cool thing is, this is super easy these days. Just go to Unbounce.com. They have all kinds of page templates that are designed to convert.

Make sure to sign up for an email autoresponder service like Aweber or OfficeAutopilot (my favorite) so you can capture their email address on your new optin page.

Now you have a lead funnel. Unbounce.com does all the site setup for you so you only have to worry about adding in text.

Now you have a solution for your audience, a landing page, a lead funnel for your autoresponder series (a LOT more on this later).

That’s it! Sounds too simple but that’s all you gotta do man!

Now you just need to know what to put in your autoresponder series and then traffic.

We’ll get into that starting tomorrow.

For now, get out there and do some digging before the zombies come! 🙂

Talk soon,
Matt “Flawed Marketer” Trainer
P.S. If you’ve paid attention my crazy stories (all true by the way) and put up with my flaws up til now, I just want to thank you.

It means a lot to me that you have in interest in what I have to say.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]It truly does.[/sp_font]


I know some of my stories can be a bit dark at times. But it’s my life and life is not always roses and lollipops.

I prefer to be raw and real than fake, hypey and surfacey. Hope you dig it.

Here’s what’s still left to come in this series:

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See you tomorrow. Hope you like Nicolas Jaar. Great music for when you need to focus and get some stuff done. 🙂




Matt Trainer

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Colin - April 14, 2012 Reply

this is a zen-like KISS mentality, which delivers!

Ed - April 15, 2012 Reply


If you were targeting the entertainment niche, how would you structure the “free report”?

It’s not as obvious as the make money, lose weight, or relationship niches.


From Matt: Entertainment is the easiest one of all the broad markets. An example I show all the time is http://www.PerezHilton.com. That guy single-handedly built a $100M empire just by giving his opinion. Cool stuff.

All you gotta do is entertain people and then offer some cool locked content that “unlocks” when they give their email address. Easy.

victoria - April 16, 2012 Reply

So real, So real, So real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Reilly - June 26, 2012 Reply

So much info with more to come, awesome. Thanks. Oh by the way LOVE Nicolas Jaar, first I heard of him

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