[PL Part 4] The night the zombies attacked

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One year ago.
Somewhere in the Nevada desert.
Late night.

I’m sweating profusely. Staring out the window and heart beating hard. It’s so dark. I can barely see.

In middle of the desert at night it darker than you can imagine. Nothing but a sea of black. It’s quite…ummm…disconcerting…for a city boy.

I really need to get out of this worn out building. What the hell am I doing here?

Then I hear the crash. The walls of this rickety building shake like crazy. Then another crash. This one right next the window. Crap.

Suddenly the zombie slams through the weak, rotten door. Nothing makes sense.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]Zombie?[/sp_font]


And why doesn’t the damn door have a lock on it?

More zombies stream through the open door. I’m all alone and nowhere to go.

—-Fade out—–

Three days previously.

The sun is shining on my face as I relax on the balcony at by buddy Frank Kern’s beach house.

We are drinking a couple beers. Chatting about nothing important and cracking a few jokes here and there. It’s a beautiful sunny day in La Jolla.

We overlook the ocean and watch all the people enjoying the beach. It’s one of those kind of days when you don’t have a care in the world and everything just seems right.

Love those days.

Then Frank asks me, “Hey how is your SEO company going?”

The peaceful day cracks. That great feeling is lost.


The zombies are on top of me now. I’m panicking.

Is this how I die? Death by zombie? REALLY???

My eyes open. Groggy. Heart beating but incredibly relieved as reality sets in. Thank god that was all just a dream!

Man it seemed SO real though. What is THAT all about?

So I get up and go to Google about zombie dreams.

I find this site, DreamMoods.com. Here’s what they say:

“To dream that you are attacked by zombies indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream represents your fears of being helpless and overpowered.”

And suddenly it all makes sense.

Under my breath I say to myself, “Yeah no shit.”

Fast forward one year.

The zombies haven’t attacked again. What the hell was I doing wrong? (Read the gory details here.)

The short version is that I was just doing it all wrong. Completely backwards. Keep reading.

As I taught yesterday, most Internet marketers don’t focus on connecting with their people. (Notice I didn’t say “traffic”)

But this goes even deeper.

Why do you think we saw such a HUGE spike in cookie cutter product launches a couple years ago?

It’s because fast money is so addicting. The problem with a launch and then closing the doors is that you just have to do it all over again later. It’s not evergreen. It’s not sustainable.

You paint yourself into a corner.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]And then zombies attack.[/sp_font]


Launches are extremely stressful and a HUGE amount of work. Yeah you get a spike in revenue but then what.

It all fades and the money drains away. Here’s the worst part, for many people like me it causes a far worse problem.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]You get comfortable.[/sp_font]


With comfort comes procrastination. The urgency is gone. Slowly and steadyly the money goes away and then we do the cycle all over again.


Wanna see the dark side NO ONE talks about openly?

Some launches lose money…a lot of money. It happened to me. To the tune of $70k.

How could that possibly happen? You have 100’s or even 1000’s of affiliates sending traffic to your site during launch week. You get all the dream traffic. You have a slick product, slick marketing, slick videos. Everything should be a slam dunk.

You start counting the money in your head before it even comes. Worse, you start SPENDING the money in your head before it even comes.

So how in the world could you lose money with all that in place? If you learned anything from yesterday’s lesson you should be able to answer that youself.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]No connection. Not real. All hypey non-caring bullshit.[/sp_font]


So how do we break that pattern and create steady, monthly, long term, sustainable income and SERVE people at the same time?

Obviously you have to connect as I’ve taught you already. It’s easy to say but how do you do that exactly?

That’s the subject of this email (even though zombies are more fun :).

Connection is an easy word to throw around but you have to do some work to really understand HOW to connect.

It all starts with the right way to do market research.

The market research is taught by nearly everyone now is COMPLETELY, 100% backwards.

The WRONG way, as taught by nearly everyone is to start with a product. They teach you to go to Clickbank and look for high gravity or Amazon and look for hot sellers.

That’s proof there are people buying. You then use the Google keyword tool to find the high traffic keywords with low competition that fit with the product.

Throw up a “review” page with some half ass “content” and then drive some traffic to it.

All makes sense right? The logic sounds right. And it used to work. Still does somewhat. But its inherently flawed.

Hell even I taught this method. Many times in fact. It worked. But it also is completely backwards and not sustainable.

(Notice there is NOTHING in that method about helping people or connecting.)

[sp_font family=”Sketch Rockwell” size=”28px”]You’ll lose 90% of the time with that method.[/sp_font]


With finding a product first you are faced with a daunting challenge – matching the “audience” with the product.

This requires you to “run around” looking for someone that MIGHT be interested in our “high-gravity” product.

Imagine yourself on a sidewalk in a big city like New York. Lots of TRAFFIC (people) walking by. You have your “high gravity” product in hand.

You try to step in front of person after person to see if they might be interested in your weight loss product.

They are walking after all so they MUST be interested in being healthy. Who doesn’t want to lose weight anyway?

How successful do you think you are going to be?

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]Exactly. Not very.[/sp_font]


Traffic varies so much in intent, thoughts, reason for clicking, browsing etc. That makes it VERY hard to get the “product first” method to work because it’s not focused.

There’s a MUCH better way. You should start by identifying an audience FIRST.

An audience that is after a SPECIFIC solution or desired outcome.

An audience CRAVING to fill a need, a desire, a connection.

Done right we then know what buttons to push. What words to use to talk to them. How to CONNECT.

Simply put, once you know what they REALLY want…

You just give it to them! Ah ha!

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]SO MUCH better![/sp_font]


Here’s a great quote from Peter Drucker :

“… the aim of marketing is to make selling
superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know
and understand the customer so well that the
product or service fits him and sells itself.”

No way I could say that better myself.

OK back to the busy city sidewalk. THIS time you’ve already done your research. You know exactly who you are looking for and how to talk to them. You know EXACTLY what they want.

This time you go to the busy sidewalk in front of a fitness club or gym. So you jump in front of all of the people going in an out of the gym right?

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]WRONG![/sp_font]


You are looking for a SPECIFIC person to connect to. Someone you KNOW there desire and craving to fill an empty hole they have.

Instead, you look for a slightly overweight soccer mom type. She should be easy to spot. She is trying this “work out” thing. But she really doesn’t look like she knows what she’s doing and REALLY doesn’t want to be here.

Then you just TALK to her. You say,

“Hey this workout stuff is hard. It’s confusing too. Let me help you with a routine that’s effective but not so hard and confusing to do.”

You HELP. You connect. You become a friend. You really care.

[sp_font family=”Chunk Five” size=”28px”]And don’t ask for anything in return.[/sp_font]

Then what? You do the same thing the next day. And the next. After 5 days or so you lightly suggest a workout product (SOLUTION) you found online that worked for you.

NOW how successful do you think you will be with selling your product?

Your conversion rate will be very close to 100%.

So I hear what you are saying, “But this is a LOT or work!”

Yes it is.

But thanks to the Internet. You only have to do this work ONCE and then automate the process so it’s scalable. (A lot more on that in later emails.)

Besides, how much work you think it is running around a busy sidewalk trying to sell everyone your weight loss product?

IT’S A LOT MORE WORK because you’ll be met with so much negativity. No one likes a pushy salesman that’s not connecting with them.

See the MAJOR difference? Connect then provide a SOLUTION, not just a product.

OK this is getting longer than I planned but I wanted to really drive this point home.

But how do you find a hungry, insanely passionate and irrational crowd that’s craving a solution?

Tomorrow I’ll talk about specific ways to do the research so you KNOW who to target and who to filter out.

It’s simple. Stay tuned or the zombies will attack.

See you tomorrow,
Matt “Zombie Killer” Trainer

P.S. Still a LOT more to come. By the end of this series you’ll know how to create as much income as you’ve ever wanted. Sustainable, evergreen, monthly income.

You’ll know how to get the results my students and I have gotten and more.

Here’s what’s still coming in this series I’m calling Project Luck:

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PL Part 7 – WTF is with all the Facebook hype? Here’s how to really do social media the right way
PL Part 8 – How to scale out paid traffic and really crush it…consistently

See you tomorrow. Don’t let the zombies get you.

Matt Trainer

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Mick - April 13, 2012 Reply

You say SEO is dying, on MattTrainer.com, but you said yesterday that you’ve set-up an SEO project.

Have your views changed?

From Matt: The SEO game is dying no doubt about it. But there is still money to be made without a lot or work. So when the right opportunity presents itself I take it.

Robertas - April 13, 2012 Reply

Interesting stuff Matt,

I don’t know whether this is related, but from this part I have learned that you essentially create marketing campaigns for specific groups of individuals e.g. on Facebook one could target women who are above 30, live in LA and who like Gold’s Gym and then in your ads/sales material you talk about their interests as if the product is created specifically for them.

Waiting for the next part.

Can’t wait until my student grant comes through next week so I could try some of this chit out 😀

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