April 29, 2013

The spaceship is NOT coming…

Over the weekend I went to an art show in Beverly Hills.The Mothership

Beverly Hills, California has to be one of the weirdest places on the planet.

The vibe there is so strange.

It feels exciting and depressing at the same time.

At this show there were big time A-list celebrities and loads of paparazzi. To watch them swarm the celebs like sharks in a feeding frenzy was so surreal. It’s one thing to see it on TV or whatever. By I was inches away watching it all unfold. It was insane.

Then inside I met, rub shoulders and talked with many of those celebs. Also very surreal. Somehow I had managed to get invited into this small circle of strangeness. I thought I wanted to be around them. I learned something way different later.

Many were just regular people that happen to be famous.

Others (most sadly) were complete douche bags who add no value to world.

Here’s the thing that hit me.

I’m not like any of these people.

I thought I wanted to be there but then it quickly became boring and empty. I started to hate it and feel really uncomfortable.

Later that night I was having wine with friends who had gone with me to the event.

We were all talking about how strange it all felt.

That’s when it hit me. I’m a f*%king alien.

I don’t fit in anywhere on this earth.

At least that’s what it feels like.

I may be alone in this but I really think we all feel this way sometimes. Like we don’t fit in. Like our thoughts are strange. Like we are waiting for the Mothership to come take us away from this very backwards world.

Here’s the shitty part.

The spaceship is not coming.

There is no white knight coming to save you.

You are it.

You are alone.

Here’s the fantastic part.

You are your own mothership.

You have everything you need to build life the way you want it.

You just have to stop being afraid to let your inner alien show.

We are all “weird” and “messed up” and “aliens”.

But that’s also what saves us, makes us unique and makes us beautiful.

Unfortunately society has made 99.99% of us afraid to let the world see our “weird” side. The dichotomy is that is what the world REALLY wants to see.

So let your freak flag FLY!

Be yourself.

Embrace the alien.

Because the spaceship is not coming.

Talk soon,

P.S. Here’s the link to the replay from Thursday’s live postcard traffic training Luke and I did. You can either download it or play it in your browser.

Let me know what you think.

Go here to check it out.

P.P.S. For those of you who are tempted to quote the Bible to me or anything like that about “saviors” or whatever. Please don’t. I already know all that stuff. I grew in a very Christian home and I’ve personally read the ENTIRE Bible at least 10 times. That’s not the point of this email.

April 26, 2013

Insomnia Tales: Results of not sleeping for 63 hours

I’ve been in a really weird state for the last couple days.  nzt-limitless

I can’t really say it’s been bad, other than I just know I’m not supposed to be awake this long. As of the time I’m writing this email, I’ve been awake for over 60 hours. Weird part is that I’m not even tired. Quite the opposite in fact.

I’ve tried to lay down but it just didn’t work.

I just stared at the ceiling.

Before you start thinking it, no I’m doing any drugs or anything.

I have been taking some brain-related herbal supplements to improve brain function. They are called nootropics.  Cool stuff. When taken in the right doses you really get the same effects as in the movie “Limitless”. So because of that by body has kicked into a hyper “get shit done” mode.

I haven’t left my desk for 24 hours.


I have indeed gotten a lot done but this “no sleep” thing is pretty weird. I feel great and it’s like I’m a hyper-creative working machine.

So yesterday Luke and I did our postcard traffic call. It was a really laid back, fireside chat kinda thing. We talked about various stories of success of our students. It’s so cool to see how our training is used in so many different ways. We had a lot of great feedback so I set it up to play as a timed replay.

It’s running again tonight at 6PM Pacific.

I bring that up because by the time the call happened I had been awake for over 48 hours.

Yet I was focused, alert and feeling creative and friendly.

Kinda weird.

I highly recommend (at least from my experience) you check out WebNutrients.com.
(I’m not affiliated with the company and make no money from this recommendation.)

Please don’t take this as medical advice because I’m certainly not a doctor. I’m just telling that my brain has turned into a mega-creative machine and I love it. I feel like I’m 20 years younger and more creative than ever. Up to you but it’s been great for me.

Here’s the info for the call with Luke and I tonight:
Phone: (773) 897-0046
Conference ID: 37572#

Talk soon,
P.S. While writing this email I finally started feeling tired. Off to sleep.  🙂

April 24, 2013

Postcards…just one part of a nutritious breakfast

Besides being incredibly high in fiber and low calorie… postcards-taste-great

…postcards rock for driving incredibly cheap, highly targeted traffic.

Here’s a short article by Luke Jaten about more cool reasons to use postcards for traffic.


Direct mail is one of those mediums that is typically overlooked in the age of the almighty internet and that’s ok with the relatively few of us still using it with great results. Here are 7 reasons you might want to consider joining the ranks of smart marketers using direct mail.

1.    Extremely targeted  – You can target markets by demographics, psychographics, or (my personal favorite) past purchases. There are compiled lists, which consist of contacts who share some similarity like living in the same zip code, belonging to the same political party, or having blue eyes.

There are responders lists, which are made up of people who have responded or opted in in some way like requesting more info, filling out a warranty card, or calling from a radio or TV commercial. Then there are my favorite kind of lists. These are list of buyers of some other product or service. People on these lists have already demonstrated a willingness to buy something.

2.    Super stealthy – Unlike marketing online, direct mail gives you the ability to test, grow, and build  a campaign or business with very little visibility by your competitors. It’s very easy with all the tools available to “spy” on your competition online, not so with direct mail. They won’t know how much you’re mailing, how often, or have any idea what your conversions are.

3.    Easily scalable – The size you can grow to is only limited by the number of available responsive lists. With direct mail you can very predictably scale your business by continuing to test additional lists and with a knowledgeable list broker you can predict what size you can scale to sometimes after the first test.

4.    Very few moving parts –  With a direct mail campaign your biggest variables are list, mail piece, and response device. Obviously there are other components (or parts within the parts). But having just 3 main things to test makes it easy to track and easy to tweak.

5.    Low-tech/Beginner friendly – You don’t need to know how to write code. You don’t have to hire someone to write code. There’s
no code involved. Once the copy and layout is done for the mail piece, turning on your campaign is as easy as calling your list broker to order names and then calling the print/mail shop to place your order. You don’t even have to touch a stamp if you don’t want to.

6.    Relatively cheap – In my experience I’ve seen per lead costs for as low as $2, optins for $4, and per sale cost for a $1,495 dollar product as low as $150. Imagine offering a JV partner $150 bucks for a $1,495 sale. Also leads generated via direct mail tend to have a MUCH higher LTV (lifetime value) and fewer unsubscribes and spam complaints.

7.    It’s an independent platform – What do I mean by independent platform? Well unlike most of the online sources you may be used to there is no big company telling you what your ads can look like. Obviously you are still regulated by the FTC and various other entities concerned with rules regarding what you can and can’t say in your advertising. But there are no companies telling you your message doesn’t meet with their approval, no quality scores, no algorithym changes, none of the things that can adversly affect your business overnight.

BONUS REASON: Very little competition. Today inboxes are full and people are eager to hit the delete or worse the spam complaint
button. But just the opposite is true for most people’s mailboxes. Your message stands out when yours is the only one they’re holding in their hands reading.

Bottom line… it doesn’t matter if you use direct mail for lead generation, direct selling, or simply to fill up webinars, direct mail can help you build and grow your business predictably and with very little hassle.


While postcards ARE really great and very healthy, don’t have too many for breakfast.

Overindulgence can be a killer.

Remember Thursday evening Luke and I are doing a teleseminar on integrating (that word sounds so corporate) direct, email, and several other forms of online traffic into one big cohesive unit.

The call is at 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST) Thursday night
Phone:    (773) 897-0046
Conference ID:   36185#

According to Luke, “It’s gonna be fun AND educational.”

It will be all that AND make for a healthy meal.  🙂

See you there,
P.S. I’m gonna put a disclaimer here in case someone out there believes me about eating postcards. I don’t REALLY recommend that. I mean I did taste one a minute ago. I have to admit it wasn’t too bad.

But the ink may really mess you up so please don’t eat them unless you are a professional.

End of disclaimer.

See you on our call Thursday.

6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST) Thursday night
Phone:    (773) 897-0046
Conference ID:   36185#


April 23, 2013

“Leave me alone! I’m tired of all your nonsense!”

I used to get really bothered by negative responses to my emails. I put a lot into this and I used to take it as a personal attack. But not anymore.

I actually enjoy them now…as weird as that sounds.

The subject line above was the exact response I got to my email from yesterday.

Here’s a screenshot:


It actually made me laugh and still does. I love it because it tells me I’m doing this right. I’m getting people emotionally involved. Fortunately I get loads of positive responses too.

People either like you or they don’t. I’d MUCH prefer someone to have strong emotional reactions to what I do that to just do a shoulder shrug or worse, be bored.

Boredom is the kiss of death.

See, every buying decision is EMOTIONAL.

Every. Single. One.

If you aren’t tapping into people’s emotions, you are blowing it.

[——————-Commercial Break-——————–]

 How To Build An Email List With Postcards
People who subscribe to your email list from a postcard
are WAY more valuable to you than other subscribers.

They will stay on your list longer and most of the time they will buy more.

So how do you build an email list with postcards?

Here’s just one way:

Instead of using a phone number as the response mechanism on your postcard,
you simply make your call to action say something like this…

“Send me an email and I’ll reply with all the details,
my email address is blank@blank.com”

When they send you an email you can have them automatically subscribed to your
auto-responder and it will send them the info they requested and voila,
they are on your list.

It works way better than having them go to an optin or squeeze page.

There’s much less resistance to them sending you an email versus them giving
you their email, although in the end, it’s the same thing.

If you liked this little tip, my friend Luke Jaten and I are doing a
teleseminar on Thursday night all about ways that we’ve used
direct mail and the internet together to magnify the power of both mediums.

You don’t have to register for it. Just mark your calendar.

Here’s the call info:
Thursday April 25th at 6PM Pacific Time
Phone: (773) 897-0046
Attendee Conference ID: 36185#

Should be educational and entertaining.

[—————— End Commercial Break ——————-]

Don’t be afraid to upset people. Just be yourself.
(How many times have I said that lately?)

Just don’t be lukewarm.

Your list will love you for it and they will become FOLLOWERS instead of just “optins”.

See you on Thursday night for our live training.

Here’s the call info again:

Thursday, April 25th at 6PM Pacific Time
Phone: (773) 897-0046
Attendee Conference ID: 36185#


April 22, 2013

How To Get Away With Murder

The courtroom came to a hush as the verdict was read.linchpin1

“Guilty,” said the judge.

The defendant dropped his head in dispair.

Suddenly a shout rang out from the crowd. Then another. Then several more. Then a roar of people shouting. The people in the room were shouting and protesting so loudly the judge had to take notice.

He asked one person to speak for the crowd. A woman stood up and explained to the judge that this guilty man could not go to jail.

He was simply too valuable.

He watched their children. He managed the fire department. He ran the homeless shelter. He delivered the mail. He was even the mayor! He was not very wealthy but still did all these things with no pay.

He was the definitive “pillar” of the community.

The people cried, “If he goes to jail, who will guard our village?”

This is how you get away with murder.

Seth Godin calls this the Linchpin.
(If you haven’t read that book you need to immediately.)

If you make yourself the Linchpin you become the indispensable. The irremovable piece. The glue that holds the machine together.

Once you become the linchpin you will never be broke. You will never be without friends. You will never lack in any way.

You could get “away with murder”.
(I’m not condoning murder. It’s a saying. Chill out.)

You need to treat your business and marketing that way.

Be the linchpin and you change the world.

Talk soon,
P.S. Yep there’s a “PS”. If you want to see a real linchpin in action, check out this page.

Nothing to buy. Just showing you what kind of effect you can have if you set yourself apart and help others reach their goals.

You can become the linchpin. There’s no greater place to be.


April 19, 2013

Results Are The New Marketing

Results Trump Marketing

The greatest marketing in the world will be trumped by one sentence of real results.

Now that Internet marketing has matured, people have heard all the hyped up marketing. It’s all old and slimy sounding now.

One thing will never be slimy…

Real results.

My friend Luke Jaten put a simple post on Facebook yesterday. He simply posted about a customer of ours from the Postcard Traffic days (a product we launched in 2009).

That customer had gone on to do REALLY well.

Here’s what Luke posted:

“I’m sure this is going to sound like bragging but anyway…

I was talking to my buddy Matt Trainer the other day and he tells
me he just got off the phone with a guy who went through a course we taught
a few years back (called Postcard Traffic), and the guy told him he’s
sold 250,000 units of his product using what we taught him in that course.”

You can see it the thread here:

The reason I bring it up is because that day Luke was having a bad day. He called just to talk about life and he was pretty bummed out. He was doubting himself like we all do from time to time.

Believe me I doubt myself sometimes too. Sometimes we just wonder if any of this stuff we do is really making a difference. So I told him that story and got him fired up again.

It’s gets interesting because the response to that simple post on Facebook set off a storm of responses. That’s because it’s real results. People resonate with results more than anything.

You don’t have to be very good at marketing. In fact, you can suck but still do well if you can show real results.

Results trump even the world’s best marketing.

Focus on that one thing and you will always crush it.

Talk soon,

P.S. If you sell anything at all related to bizopp or any “how to make money” product, then you should check this out.

It’s a chance to get Luke’s buyers list. You don’t see things like this ever. It’s only open for first 25 people then it’s gone.

Go here to check it out.


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