September 27, 2008

What to do if I want a career in Internet Marketing?

internet marketing
prestonwhitlow asked:

Im a BBA student planning to get my MBA in the future. I love Marketing, especially internet marketing. What should I do if I want to pursue a career in internet marketing? I feel like I have enough raw knowledge now to be a seo consultant or something similar now..but I don’t know how to go about actually getting started in such a career path. what should I do?

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Trey’s got it goin’ on!

Hey all,

My buddy Trey Smith just posted a very helpful tip for getting things done and cutting down on the “just screwing off” factor on the Internet. I love his idea of making your default home page into your own html To Do list.

Check it out here: Accidently Screwing Off On The Internets πŸ™‚

Have fun!


P.S. For those that don’t know, Trey is a brilliant marketer that just happens to be Frank Kern’s cousin. I can also state publicly that Trey is NOT GAY, so don’t pay attention to the rumors. πŸ™‚

P.P.S. Trey is a featured celebrity video host in my newest software “Google Goggles”. You can get those here before the price goes up tomorrow. Get Goggle Goggles Now!


September 2, 2008

Free dance lesson…

Hey everyone,
I finally got around to doing a help video for the Niche Goggles.
If you don’t have the Niche Goggles yet it’s 100% free just click the link at the top of this blog that says “One Minute Market Research?”.

In the video I explain how it all works but some questions have come up that I thought I should answer.
Nicholas Newport suggested that I remove the 2-keyword restriction so that he could look at keywords like “los angeles real estate”. I won’t do that and here’s why.

I am trying to force people to think more broadly when starting market research. Digging too deep right at the beginning of market research is what gets people in trouble many times. Think broad first.

The next question was about how I use this tool. The video does a pretty good job of explaining that so here are the steps to I do for EVERY market I go into:
1. Compare markets using the Niche Goggles.
2. Dig deeper and get competitive intelligence with Hexatrack.
3. Build landing pages that Google will love using the Google Goggles.
4. Setup Adwords account and prove out PPC traffic.
5. Blast massive amounts of video to get more traffic using Traffic Geyser.
6. Go to the bank and deposit all the fat checks I get. πŸ™‚

Hope that helps.


P.S. The video is on the download page after you optin to get the Niche Goggles here:
Download Niche Goggles and watch the video.


August 30, 2008

Wow I really screwed up…

Hello all,
First off I want to state that I am incredibly sorry for the confusion that my job offer has caused. Many people were upset and started calling me a scammer when that is not the truth at all.

I had a real job opportunity available that paid real money for real work. The idea behind the job was to have people create links and traffic for my various products.

This is very common for Internet businesses to hire virtual assistants to drive traffic. I have no desire to harvest email addresses. It’s simply the way I stay in contact with people and track their work.

The sad thing is that none of this negativity would have happened if I had just stated that the job pays per task instead of per hour. I was trying to explain the pay in a way easy for people to understand but I should have just said, “This task pays X dollars and will take you approx. X hours to complete but will vary based on response rates.”

This is my fault and I am not going to sugarcoat it. I messed up. I was trying to do a decent thing and just worded it all wrong.

I have dozens of tasks that I have people that work for me to perform. The only one that has caused all the issues is the Craigslist job posting task. You don’t see any other threads from people that got past that task and complaining about the tasks after that.

That is also my fault and I accept responsibility. I have removed that task completely from my system and I am now only hiring people through more traditional means.

I have taken down my hiring site, removed the job description video from my blog, and emailed all the people I could and told them to stop placing ads.

I am now in the process of attempting to verify all the people that did work for me and didn’t get paid because of the response rates message.

I have created a special email address for people to contact me to get paid. Please email matttrainerpayme AT gmail DOT com.

I know all the contact info of every person that applied to work for me and I know who entered email addresses as part of the hiring task. If you haven’t heard from me already, please email the above address and I will get you paid.

As far as my hiring system goes, I have taken it down completely and am revamping it so problems like this won’t happen again. I will have legitimate jobs available but I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As part of that commitment, I am not including a hiring task in the job ever again. I will hire on my own and not ask people that work for me to do it.

I will have a new video up soon on my blog detailing (in the way I should have originally) the jobs I will have available. The jobs will pay by task and by quality of work and not by the hour.

Think and say of me what you want. I did try to do a good thing and provide some jobs. I just mucked up the explanation for the job which setup expectations that were not fulfilled for several people.

I’m sure that no matter what I do, some of you won’t believe that I am sorry and that I am trying to make amends. All I can say is that this is very far from the truth.

I am trying to fix this if you will allow me to. Please forgive me for the pain and frustration I have caused.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Most people were paid and have legitimately tried to defend me. Thanks to all of you that tried to defend me and were spit upon for doing so. Please accept my apologies.