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200 MPH into a wall…headfirst


2007 Noble M400 instrument panel, Momo steering wheel

The year was 2008.

The location – Rooftop of the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California

The wind was whipping, the air crisp as I opened the door to the super-secret rooftop entrance.

Within seconds of that blast of air I discovered a mystery so profound that it changed my life forever.

That chance encounter sent me halfway around the world, netted me untold wealth…and 200 MPH into a wall…headfirst.

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Talk soon,

Matt “Headfirst” Trainer
P.S. In the rest of the story (now I feel like Paul Harvey) I reveal some very cool technology that will have a huge impact on you in the next few years.

And it’s a available today.

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December 14, 2011

Arizona man in hospital after head on collision yet…

Head on…he still brought in almost $20,000 in profit!

Luke’s printer Bruce was hit head on in by a drunk driver and while in the hospital his mail order business was still bringing in thousands of orders a day. All on autopilot.

Now that’s a holy grail! In case you missed me explaining what “holy grail” means click here to read it.

Here’s a video with Bruce telling his story.

Bruce is one of Luke’s students that got in on one of Luke’s “ready to go” projects.

Luke is officially retiring from the scene and he’s releasing one last “holy grail” project. It’s all tested and already making money. All you have to do is take over and run it.

Luke and I are doing a webinar covering the whole thing this Thursday at 5PM Pacific.

Because Luke is working one-on-one with those that get in on the project he has to keep the group small so it’s NOT BEING RECORDED NOR REPEATED. This really is a one time deal. Also note that this is NOT an automated webinar. It’s 100% live and real time.

Click here to get registered.

Make sure to be there on Thursday because I’m dead serious about it not being recorded nor repeated.

You are either in or out.

Here’s the link again to get registered.

See you on Thursday.
P.S. Stay tuned for my continuing email series to learn how you can get in on my “holy grail” projects.

If you missed the first parts of the series here are the links again:
Part 1: Time to be inspired
Part 2: The Plan
Part 3: Impossible to succeed?
Part 4: The Holy Grail


Here’s the link again to get registered for the LIVE webinar on Thursday.




The Holy Grail – Part 4

Just driveYesterday in Part 3 I talked I said I’d talk about traffic today. Well guess what, traffic is not the holy grail.

(If you missed Part 2, get it here.)

So what is the “holy grail”? I’ll get to that in a minute. Traffic is really quite simple. (There’s the word again!) 🙂 Only two ways to get it. Buy it or create it. Before we go any further I want to shatter another myth.

There is no such things as free traffic!

You pay for ALL traffic in some way. You either outright buy it or you pay for it with time or outsourcing.Now that you understand that part, all you need to know is either where to buy it or how to create it.

Where to buy it?

Obviously Google PPC has become too hard for most people and that’s mostly Google’s fault. They simlpy hate affiliates and only want to send their traffic to landing pages with full navigation and full disclosure of everything including price.

In short, their rules are not easy to get around and still convert well. Worse, they simply shut down your account if you can’t interpret their goofy wording in their “terms and conditions”. So they are out.

PPC on Yahoo/Bing is better but suffering from the same fate because they hate affiliates too.Jjust not as much. So they are out.

There a lot of other PPC networks out there that will work fine but I don’t want to get into that too much because in the end this email is not about some goofy “secret” traffic source. That sort of stuff is all hype and mostly big bags of B.S.

Media buys are tough for the beginner and can be a bit expensive when starting out unless you have been around the block. So that’s out for now.

“Creating” traffic is easier in some respects because there are no goofy rules to follow as mentioned and you can do it at will.

The downside is that most times its takes a while to see results and you have to do some work in the “create” part of it.

So obviously you can create traffic by blogging, SEO, social media, writing articles, etc. But all those take a LOT of time to do right (meaning not spammy) and the results can take months or years.

“But wait a second Matt, I though you said yesterday that traffic is the easy part?”

(I can read your thoughts) 🙂

Yes I did say that. But I didn’t say that ALL traffic was easy. So what do I do? I do a hybrid approach that’s both FAST and EASY.

I do Facebook PPC and press releases.

Facebook PPC is pretty good and getting better. I definite place to start. Just make sure you read their goofy rules too.They do have rules but so far they are pretty good with helping you get a campaign up fast and don’t just shut your account off because you don’t understand them.

The targeting is great and clicks are VERY cheap if you do it right. They are not super fond of affiliates either but you can get around that by keeping the traffic inside Facebook.

Meaning, just drive the traffic to a Fan page. Simple and the clicks are cheap. Just do an iFrame of whatever affiliate thing you want to promote but don’t be hypey and don’t be spammy.

Press releases are the perfect traffic source because they are a hybrid of “paid” and “created” traffic and with it you get SEO done almost automatically. You do have to write them but it’s simple. Just have to consistently do it at least once a week. We do them every day.

Go to to see the tutorial on writing PR so you can follow the format correctly.

That’s really it guys. Spend about $100 or so on Facebook PPC to test the offer and then do press releases to get the bigger, better “organic” traffic. Simple. Simple. Simple.

So what’s the holy grail all about then?

Obviously the problem with all this “easy” and “simple” stuff is that there is testing involved.

If you are still a “Type 1” person as talked about in previous emails in this series then you won’t know what to do when a test fails to produce the expected results.

So the holy grail is fully tested and proven traffic and offers that already make money with that traffic. AAHHHH!

Yeah that’s a tough one because NO ONE wants to do all the work of testing and then just give you their money machine. That’s why it’s the holy grail. It exists but good luck getting it.

Well I’m about to change all that.

I have many tested and proven traffic sources and offers that convert well with that traffic. They make money right now. Good money.

I’m going to give you the chance to get in on those. These are all turnkey and ready to go. You just get in and drive.

One is a fast easy route, you just pay to get in. One is slower but “free” route. (More on that in a bit.)

The fast, easy route will be revealed in a live webinar this Thursday. I’ll be hosting a webinar with my old friend Luke Jaten.

Luke is famous for creating multiple projects that have produced $50k per week or more in profits VERY fast using simple postcards.Those of you that have been following me for a while will remember that he and I launched the Postcard Traffic system back in 2009. That course was a huge success and many people went on to make A LOT of money with it.

Several people were able to quit their jobs and make more money than they ever dreamed possible. They key was that they got in on Luke’s “holy grail”. He gave access to his projects that were already making money.

They simply had to get in and drive.

Unfortunately Luke has decided to “retire” and he’s allowing access to his last money-making mail order project so he can quit running it. He’s gonna detail it live this Thursday at 5PM Pacific.

It’s a ONE TIME WEBINAR and it won’t be recorded or repeated EVER. You are either in or you are out.

What Luke is giving access to is worth a LOT of money and he’s working one on one with each person that gets in on it so it’s gotta be kept small. Last time he did this he created several multi-million dollar businesses for his students. All they had to do was step in and run them. He’s doing it one final time this Thursday.

Click here now to go register.

Remember, this won’t be recorded and won’t be repeated ever again. So if you are a Type 1 person and just want to be told what to do each day AND you want the holy grail without having to do all the setup and testing, then you MUST be there on this webinar on Thursday.

Ok, enough about that. You get it.

The slower and “free” route is going to be detailed in a later email but this gist is that you will be able to access to my “holy grail” projects for basically free after you prove yourself to me by doing some work and jumping through some hoops.

The projects I’m giving you access to are right now making some people $10k a month all the way up to $100k/mo and more. The testing is already done. The offers already make money and the traffic sources are tested. You just have to get in and drive.

Details in later posts.

Talk soon,
P.S. Make sure you don’t miss this Thursday’s webinar with me and Luke Jaten. It will be awesome. Even if you aren’t going to get in on Luke’s turnkey “holy grail” mail order project then you should still be there.

Luke is a master teacher and will be delivering some amazing content on how to do postcard traffic and mail order projects the right way.

Go here to get registered for this Thursday at 5PM Pacific.

Don’t miss out.

I’m not kidding when I say IT WON’T BE RECORDED AND WON’T BE REPEATED.

Register now.


Part 3 – It’s Impossible To Succeed Without…

The View…the right mindset.

Sad but true.

If you don’t have your head screwed on right it’s near impossible to get out of your own way and really succeed. Fortunately that’s a pretty simple problem to solve. Just know that “simple” and “easy” are not the same things.

In my last post – Part 2 – I gave you access to some simple tools to remove all fears and procrastination in order to get your mindset right.

If you missed it go here.

I’ve delayed in posting Part 3 on purpose to hopefully inspire you to actually DO the exercises in Part 2. Without doing them you WILL NOT get the best results! That’s a fact.

Assuming you’ve done that, let’s move on to Part 3.

In this post I’ll start to map out the plan and give you some ideas to get started.

The goal with this series is to get you AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to making AT LEAST six figures a year. Then it’s all about scaling.

OK back to the two types of people:

Type 1 – Needs to be told what to do

Type 2 – Self-directed

Problem is that no matter what, you HAVE TO start at Type 1 when learning a new skill or trying to change your life. You simply don’t know what to do until you get some experience under your belt.

For Type 1 people trying to make money for the first time on the Internet or trying to create a REAL freedom business everything seems daunting.

And it is. But I have a solution. More on that in a minute.

Type 2 people listen up!

Provided your mindset is right, success on the Internet is a really simple formula:

Traffic + Converting offer = Success

It really is that simple. The only difference between millions of dollars and failure is scaling that formula smartly. That’s it.

There are all kinds of things that people get twisted up on inside the “traffic” part and the “converting offer” part but those really are the only two pieces that matter.

Good news is that traffic is simple AND easy. You just buy it or create it. I’ll talk about that in future emails.


For some reason people have this feeling that traffic is the “sexy” part or something. Traffic doesn’t make money. Only a converting offer does. Traffic only SCALES the money.

I can send you ten million clicks of the best traffic in the world but if your offer is shit then you just have shit.

Once you really get this you will quickly realize that all you really need to focus on is a converting offer. That’s simple AND easy too. There are millions of them.

A converting offer can be anything but in the end it’s just finding a WANT (not need) that people have and fill it.

What do people want? Again, simple.

They want to be feel wanted, feel attractive and to be fulfilled or entertained. Find offers that fill those areas. Simple.

Lose weight.
Get healthy.
Make money.
Be entertained (movies, books, video games, Kindle, etc.).

You can make millions in ANY of those areas.

An offer can be your own products or affiliate products. It doesn’t matter.

OK wait, I hear a lot of you already, “We already know this stuff, why so basic? Where’s the meat?”

THIS IS THE MEAT. Basics are all you need. So many get so worked up over the latest shiny object that they can’t see the forest for the trees.


If you aren’t where you want to be then you simply are focusing on the wrong things. It’s that simple.

Mindset, converting offer, traffic in that order is all you need to focus on.

Finding a converting offer seems so hard for so many people but it’s ridiculously easy. Just got to Clickbank, Amazon or any affiliate network and you’ll find all kinds of converting offers.

Clickbank has gotten really strict these days so the garbage is slowly being weeded out and you can find good stuff to promote. Focus on “high gravity” offers with a high affiliate payout.

On Amazon look for the “hot” products (they list these for you already) and filter by products over $200 and promote those.

On affiliate networks look for broad market products that are evergreen (weight loss and beauty stuff is good).

Just pick one that you have some interest in and promote it. I have LOTS of friends and acquaintances that make HUGE money doing exactly what I just told you to do in the last 4-5 paragraphs so no excuses please.

But what does “promote” mean? Traffic. I’ll cover that in the next post.

All the traffic you’ll ever need. In droves.

Talk soon,
P.S. Notice throughout this post I used the word “simple” a lot. That’s on purpose. I want to really drill into your head that YOU CAN DO THIS…AND DO IT BIG!


But you have to start somewhere so to make this all real easy for everyone I’m just gonna tell you what to do and then you can move to becoming a “Type 2” person after you really “get it”.

To help with that look at this video.

It’s an video that should humble and inspire you at the same time. It’s the true story of a school teacher that lost her job and then within one month made more than $11,000 and launched a new business from home. She doesn’t even need a job anymore.

$11,000 happens to be A LOT MORE than a teacher’s monthly salary in case you don’t know. Best part, she had no idea what she was doing. She just followed the steps I just gave you and had a plan.

She started at Type 1 and she’s now a Type 2.

In the next post I’ll tell you how you can exactly do what she has done AND EVEN BETTER.

Check out her video here.


The Plan – Part 2

One of my favorite movies of all time is called “The Game” starring Michael Douglas. In that movie the star is taken through a series of events seemingly out of his control. But behind the scenes he’s being directed to make decisions that will end up with the best outcome for him. The goal being to take him outside his comfort zone.

It’s a crazy movie and you should definitely see it of you haven’t. The main character is a very successful business man that has his life all planned out only to be turned completely upside down by “The Game”.

The point I want to make is that there are two types of people in this world. Those that need to be directed – aka “told what to do” – and there are those that are self-starters (don’t need to be told what to do).

I think most people fluctuate between the two types depending on experience, motivation, interest, etc. but in the end there are only two types.

Some people stay one type their whole life. They never step outside their comfort zone because of some fear.

Fear comes in many facets but none are real. I’ll talk more about that in a bit. In the end you are either making decisions to direct your life or they are being made for you.

Which camp do you want to be in?

All that being said, I have a very ambitious plan to get EVERYONE reading this into the camp that directs their own life without fear and acts BOLDLY to achieve whatever they want in life. It’s pretty simple to do. Just think about what you want to do, be, see or achieve and then remove all blocks to those goals. 99.999% of those blocks are just fear.

Fear is NOTHING but a story you are telling yourself to justify inaction.

Seriously. Read that sentence again slowly and really think about it.

Fear is NOTHING but a story you are telling yourself to justify inaction.

To completely remove every fear you’ve ever had read this chapter of a new book I’m writing. Once fear is gone then it’s all about taking the steps one by one.

What steps you ask? That’s pretty simple too; You just back into it. That’s also covered in the chapter I just wrote too. Get it here.

OK, now what?

A plan.

My plan is to turn my whole business upside down. I’m switching from a completely for-profit model to a partial-profit model. “What’s that mean weirdo?”, you say. Glad you asked. 🙂

It means that after spending millions of dollars on dumb shit and pleasing only myself I’ve found that I’m left with a lack of fulfillment. Yeah I’ve had all the best the world can offer from private jets, luxury homes, exotic cars, etc. But nothing brings me satisfaction other than helping others.

So, after much thought I’ve decided to make a radical move.

I know after much testing that all I need is about $600,000 per year to do anything I ever want to do. Anything above that gets wasted and makes me an idiot. (Seriously)

So, I’m changing everything. My goal is make 100 MILLION DOLLARS, and then give nearly all of it away. Yep, all of it (minus my $600k a year). And I want to give a huge chunk of it to my students and coaching clients. The rest will go to charity.

Crazy? Hell yes it is. But I believe this can work.

But we gotta start somewhere. So you gotta start with mindset.

Mindset is EVERYTHING. Without the right mindset you can’t even take the first step. So start by getting my “fear removal” tool here. Study that, take action and then you’ll have all you need to go to the next step. The next step is obviously start with a solid money making system.

I’ll get into that in the next post.
Talk soon,
P.S. Don’t forget to check out Matt Wadsworth’s world record attempt and help him get the word out by posting it on Facebook etc.

His site is here at

P.P.S. Get the chapter I wrote here to work on step one. Get your mind right and remove fear and procrastination forever.


See you in the next post.

If you missed part one of this series you can see it here.


Time To Be Inspired! (Part 1)

I’ve been deep in thought for a while now trying to figure out to help more people actually succeed online.

Not just succeed. But to really do it BIG and change lives.

There are many things I’ve come up with but the overarching problem in the end is that Internet marketing has too many variables. There’s simply too much to do and too
much to learn to be successful quickly.

So most people get frustrated from lack of results and quit or keep searching for the latest, greatest shiny object (product launch) to “solve” the problem.

This just makes the problem worse and creates more debt or “investment” in this crazy online marketing business.

It’s a sort of a death spiral.

Einstein is famous for saying that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. I certainly agree with that but how do we stop it? There must be an answer…

Good news is that I’ve found it. And I’m going to reveal the whole secret over the next few days in this series.

All free. No optin. Nothing to buy. Just answers.

And help.

In this first installment I want to inspire you so you can first have vision.

Without vision you will forever fail.

///–Start inspiration—////

So imagine trying to succeed online with all the problems I’ve mentioned already AND being physically handicapped.

Worse, imagine being BLIND! I mean shit, at least I can see perfectly well to write this email and use a mouse! Well, my buddy Matt Wadsworth has been wildly successful online and can’t even see his computer.

In fact, he’s never seen anything…


He was born blind.

Many of you may have heard his story or
have seen him speak but wait til you see
what he’s up to now.

He’s actually creating a documentary movie
about him going for a world record.

What world record?

This will blow you away. He’s going for the world record motorcycle jump!!!

Yep, he’s insane. He can’t even see the ramp he’s trying to jump from!

You have to see the first video about the attempts and training he’s done already. You can see it here or go to

He’s training with one of my childhood heroes, Micky Dymond. I raced motorcross when I was a kid and always looked up to Micky. He was a rock star.

I crashed a lot and broke a few bones and was never very good so retired in my early 20’s because I started to hate getting hurt. Now here comes Matt Wadsworth and is doing what I got scared to do AND HE’S BLIND!

Micky Dymond was one of the world’s greatest racers and I’m jealous I never got to train with him like Matt is.

So, this is your inspiration moment for today. Watch the video about Matt training to make the jump here.

Talk soon,
P.S. If you can’t get inspired by a blind dude trying to do a world record motorcycle jump then you have ice water in your veins or your momma hated you or something.

Matt is donating 100% of the profits from the documentary to charity so please support him in his journey.

See the videos here:

Tomorrow’s email will reveal the first part of my answer for how to crack the code and succeed huge online. And I’m gonna help you do it, 100% free of charge.

It’s my way of giving back for this holiday season and I’ll finally reveal what I’m doing behind the scenes to GIVE AWAY ridiculous amounts of money to people like you.

Yep you read that right.

More tomorrow….

///—End Inspiration—/// 🙂