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The Future Of The Future: What’s Google REALLY building?

What is Google REALLY building and what’s the future for search engines? That’s the question I’ve had in my head for a couple years now. The light bulb really came on when Apple released a very specific piece of software.

Here’s a video explaining it all. Nothing to buy. Just teaching about the future of the future.

Talk soon,
Matt “The Futurist” Trainer

P.S. I heard about a sad but beautiful story last night and had to share it with you. There’s a 17-year-old kid from Minnesota that’s dying from untreatable bone cancer. He only has a couple months to live and wrote a beautiful song to say goodbye to his family.

Check it out on YouTube here.

Please share and spread the video to help get this kid some exposure. You’ll be glad you at least heard the song. The lyrics will definitely choke you up. Thanks in advance for sharing it with others.

P.P.S. In the video I talked about a link to our webinar this week. I was gonna talk about it more in this post but didn’t seem right after sharing the story about the kid with cancer. Anyway, here’s the link to check it out if you want. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow.


December 8, 2012

FREE VIDEO: Massive Facebook Traffic For 3 Cents A Click

Here’s the  course I promised showing how to get big traffic on Facebook for only 3 cents a click.

Just some stuff I cover in the course:

  • How I find super hot niches to target with no research
  • How I build simple viral fan pages
  • How to find and automate content for your fan pages
  • How to create and optimize ads to get super cheap clicks
  • My Secret powerful technique for converting rabid fans to ecstatic optins
  • How to monetize that new rabid list most effectively
  • Social sites that you haven’t heard of that WILL replace Facebook
    (you definitely want to be in front of that wave!)
  • And much more

The course is free but you have to have the password to access it.

If you have the password from our webinar the other day, click here to get the course.

If you don’t have the password then check out the webinar replay to get it. Here’s the link to the webinar recording. The password is given very clearly in the webinar so you won’t miss it.

Look for more “The Future of the Future” training coming soon.

Talk soon,
Matt “Kickin Facebook Ass” Trainer

P.S. Here’s the link again to the course. It’s a password protected post so if you don’t have it go watch the webinar recording here to get it.

(Yeah so the P.S. has the same content as the post body, so what!)

Enjoy!  🙂

The blood-stained paper reads…YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES…

Time: 11ish AM
Date: Today

Blinking open my eyes. I’m squinting from the sun streaming in the open balcony door.

In that foggy pre-awake state, I realize I’m lying on the floor next to the balcony. As the grogginess subsides I see the paper.

And the blood. There’s blood everywhere.

Not a lot, but enough to be pretty alarming. What the hell happened?

Then I see the paper and my heart stops. The memories come rushing back like a tornado.

The blood-stained paper reads:


It’s in all capital letters like someone is screaming.

And it’s in my own handwriting.


I have a story to tell you. It’s a story of love, hate, success, failure and redemption.

And as weird as it sounds, it’s a story about Internet marketing.

Let’s go back to the year 2006 and start from there.

I was living in Los Angeles working as a freelance web designer and programmer.

It was not a bad gig. I got to rub shoulders with some celebs and do some cool websites for a few TV shows you’ve definitely heard of.

The pay was pretty good too. But I, of course, wanted more.

See, I’ve always been entrepreneurial(man why is that word so hard to spell?!).

Even from the young age of 8, I started my own newspaper business where it didn’t exist before in our small town. I had to create the market and then keep selling it monthly. (Lots of lessons there. More on that later.)

Even from my oldest memories I KNEW in my heart I would be very successful someday. My dad always told my I would be.

My father was also a died-in-the-wool entrepreneur. He never had a real “job”.

My dad was one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. He read STACKS of books every week. I’ve never seen anyone read so much.

He had an encyclopedia brain. He dreamed of one day competing on the TV game show “Jeopardy”.

He would watch that show every day and keep score as he played along with the contestants on the show. He ALWAYS knew the answer to every question no matter how obscure. It never ceased to amaze me.

He also had the “skill” of finding the weirdest ways to make money.

Here’s just a partial list of the businesses he did with varying degrees of success:
– Movie theater film delivery
– Roofing foil sales (yeah I don’t know either)
– Used cars (from our front yard of course)
– Drive-in theater consulting
– Even a short stint as a landlord

We went through a few boom/bust cycles but never really had a lot of money growing up. He just didn’t apply himself enough or push the envelope to ever make any real money.

I now believe, he just didn’t have what it took.

Ok wait…before you think I’m mean…maybe he did. But I never saw him do anything to his FULL potential. He never really pushed himself.

It still saddens me a bit.

So after living my entire childhood watching him “fail”, I told myself I’d always try to push harder.

Because of that I’ve only ever had one REAL fear…

The fear of not living up to my potential.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk in this video I really have one HUGE thing…


He simply doesn’t know how to be anything BUT successful. He doesn’t know how to do anything BUT live up to his potential.


You don’t have it.

You don’t have that DNA.

You’ve never hustled.

You didn’t grow up with the right opportunities.

You think growing up with opportunities matters.

You don’t know how to take currently available opportunities.

You complain a lot.

You don’t see the big picture.

You might have a map, but you’re really bad with directions.

You expect handholding. “Oh if only someone would show me how…”

You think you’re entitled to rewards.

You place blame on others instead of taking control and figuring out what went wrong.

You half ass projects and say they’re failures.

You rarely, if at all, launch projects in the first place.

You don’t seek specified knowledge.

You buy a lot of information – courses, webinars, seminars, conferences – and let it all go in one ear and out the other.

You haven’t learned the very basics of doing work online.

You think “I’m not a techie” is a good excuse.

You haven’t learned the slightest bit about how a real business works.

You don’t enjoy producing content.

You’ve never studied classic marketing or sales literature.

You’ve never written an advertisement.

You’ve never made a sales call and expect to make thousands of dollars in sales overnight.

You waste a lot of time on things that don’t matter and then whine that you don’t have enough time to do the things that do.

You spend your free time thinking about doing something.

You tell anyone who will listen what you’re going to do.

You never do anything.

If you hate me now, it’s only because some of that was true (or maybe all of it).

In the next post I’m gonna show you how to make it ALL false.

Time to create your own luck.

Talk tomorrow,
Matt “Making Luck” Trainer

P.S. This series is all about my new project and how to create your own fortune (luck) in ANY circumstance. Over the next few days I’m gonna show you how to never worry about money EVER again.

Plus I’ll reveal EXACTLY how to create massive wealth and your own luck…AT WILL.

Stay tuned.

How to crash at 200 MPH and LOVE IT!

Floating...A couple days ago I sent you a link to my story about a life changing event.

If you didn’t see that video then click here >>>

On that video I tell the story of how I manage to fail big time and still come out with major success.

Over and over again. With no fear.

I’ve learned how to crash and burn and turn it into a major positive.

See this video again to see what I’m talking about >>>

Natalie’s webinar mentioned in the video is incredible on it’s own and will put your path to success on autopilot…

…BUT…there’s more that can be done. IMHO.

While not really “missing” anything, I know I have a unique solution to add.

To help you supercharge the results I’ve created a simple training program that will eliminate ANY fear, in seconds.

This is the EXACT system I use to prosper IMMEDIATELY after a big time failure AND the fear of failure before it even creeps in.

So for anyone that joins Natalie at the end of the webinar then just email me your receipt and I’ll hook you up with my simple system as a special bonus.

Talk soon,
Matt “Crash & Burn” Trainer
P.S. So watch my short 4 minute story here and then register for Natalie’s webinar.

If you decide to join Natalie’s program at the end I’ll give you my special program to help you get even better, faster results.

Just email me your receipt and I’ll get it to you immediately.