May 15, 2013

It was nice knowing you, but I’m outta here.

So I’m officially scared shitless. (Is that a real word?)
outta here
Today is the day I leave for the 10-day retreat I told you about here. It’s crazy because I tend to be a pretty fearless mofo.

But facing yourself is scary as hell. I know three people that have been to this retreat. Every single one of them came back a different person.

So this is my farewell to you.

  • I’m prepared to fully become a new me.
  • I’m prepared to drop the bullshit.
  • I’m prepared to get real.
  • I’m prepares to finally meet myself.

So, it’s been nice knowing you. My old self is outta here.

There’s a chance the new me might never come back to this.

If so, then this is goodbye.

If not, then I’ll let you know how it all went.

Talk soon (or maybe not),
Matt “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane” Trainer

P.S. We’ve had some tech glitches with the postcard training calls.

But they’ve all been fixed and it’s kicking ass again.

Go here now to get in on it >>>


Matt Trainer

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