April 22, 2013

How To Get Away With Murder

The courtroom came to a hush as the verdict was read.linchpin1

“Guilty,” said the judge.

The defendant dropped his head in dispair.

Suddenly a shout rang out from the crowd. Then another. Then several more. Then a roar of people shouting. The people in the room were shouting and protesting so loudly the judge had to take notice.

He asked one person to speak for the crowd. A woman stood up and explained to the judge that this guilty man could not go to jail.

He was simply too valuable.

He watched their children. He managed the fire department. He ran the homeless shelter. He delivered the mail. He was even the mayor! He was not very wealthy but still did all these things with no pay.

He was the definitive “pillar” of the community.

The people cried, “If he goes to jail, who will guard our village?”

This is how you get away with murder.

Seth Godin calls this the Linchpin.
(If you haven’t read that book you need to immediately.)

If you make yourself the Linchpin you become the indispensable. The irremovable piece. The glue that holds the machine together.

Once you become the linchpin you will never be broke. You will never be without friends. You will never lack in any way.

You could get “away with murder”.
(I’m not condoning murder. It’s a saying. Chill out.)

You need to treat your business and marketing that way.

Be the linchpin and you change the world.

Talk soon,
P.S. Yep there’s a “PS”. If you want to see a real linchpin in action, check out this page.

Nothing to buy. Just showing you what kind of effect you can have if you set yourself apart and help others reach their goals.

You can become the linchpin. There’s no greater place to be.


Matt Trainer

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