How to lose 1.9 million dollars [PL Part 2]

Previously on Project Luck…

The blood-stained paper read…YOU DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES

Setting: My place
Time: 11ish AM, Today

Crawling back to my knees I am remembering the night before. The sunlight coming through the open balcony is still stinging my eyes but I can’t seem to move.

I’m frozen. Involuntarily I suddenly burst out in tears. I simply want to die. I can’t face life right now.

I’d just lost over 1.9 million dollars. Ugghhh.

I hear Tracy Chapman playing in the background. It’s making me even more bummed out.

(Here’s a tip…if you are ever severely depressed after having lost 1.9 million f’n dollars, DON’T EVER LISTEN to Tracy Chapman! Especially not this song.)

So what the hell happened? Why all the blood? What about the blood-stained paper?

Let’s rewind back to last night to relive that.

Setting: Local bar in downtown San Diego
Time: 4PM Yesterday

I had a REALLY rough day. It’s just hit home that I truly have lost it all. All the money I’d made in the last couple years is gone. Plus some.

So I needed a drink…or six…or sixteen.

The rest of the evening is a blur.

Next thing I remember is waking up next to the rooftop pool of a very well known, exclusive 5-star hotel here in San Diego.

At 8am. With ONLY my boxer shorts on. Broken glass all around me. My elbows and knees are cut to hell.

Apparently I broke a big bottle of vodka and then drunkenly crawled through the glass when climbing out of the pool. Good times.

Somehow I found my clothes, got dressed and made it home…though I don’t remember the trip back. Now as I sit here next to my balcony where I passed out. I am remembering the paper.

It’s all fuzzy, like memories viewed through VERY scratched glass. It went something like this:

  • Stumbled home (luckily I was only a few blocks from my place)
  • Fumbled into my front door.
  • Still sad and wanting to be SADDER, turned on Tracy Chapman song (on repeat to really drive home the pain)
  • Sitting on the floor by the balcony I’m still bleeding and crying
  • I grab a notepad that’s on the table next to me and scratch out “YOU DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES”
  • Still bleeding…blood spills on the paper
  • I pass out right there on the floor and wake up hours later

Yeah. Not flattering. Is this what rock bottom looks like?

Pretty damned depressing right? Don’t worry it does get better.

So as I sit here feeling sorry for myself and wanting to just magically disappear somehow, I hear a knock on the door.

Not wanting anyone to see me like this, I jump up, wad up the blood-stained paper and use it to wipe up most of the mess.

I then run into my closet and throw on some clean clothes. I laugh to myself realizing it could just be the Fedex guy or something. Why get cleaned up for a delivery? 🙂

Well it wasn’t. It was a friend. He brought over his new girlfriend to show her my place.

As soon as she walks in she immeditely exclaims, “Wow you’re rich!”

A bit put off for a second by her…ummm…rudeness, I look around.

I notice the million dollar view. The huge windows. The expensive furniture. The very thought out design. This place really is high end.

So yes it must appear that I’m rich. I chuckle again to myself remembering the blood-stained paper.

Then it all came in a flash. So fast it changed my entire mindset. So fast I grabbed my friend off to the side and asked him to leave immediately.

I rushed them out the door and I sat down to write. I wrote for at least three hours straight and at a blistering pace.

What I had realized in that flash was that I am indeed rich. I have the knowledge of how to make 1.9 million dollars AND MORE!

I just have to stop feeling sorry for myself and just do it again.

Donald Trump is famous for saying:

“The hardest thing I ever did was make my first million. The easiest thing I ever did was make my second million.”

I only understood that quote on the surface until now. NOW IT REALLY MEANS SOMETHING!!!

I indeed know how to make millions already. So it will be WAY easier to repeat it.

What I wrote down that day is now my latest project. It’s every single step I did to make the money but with one GIANT thing added.

How to not lose it.

Every Internet marketing course out there hammers you with the way to make the money (mostly in a really bad way). No one teaches you how to keep it and keep it coming.

In the next few emails I’m going to teach you all the steps I wrote down that day.

It’s called Project Luck: How to create your own luck…at will.

I’ve written many times about the “formula” for making money online. But there’s a MAJOR problem with it.

The original formula goes like this:
Traffic + Copy + Product = $$$

While it’s still a solid formula the GIANT piece that’s missing is HOW TO KEEP THAT $$$.

No one teaches this!

So in my next email I’ll teach you each piece of that formula the right way AND the missing piece.

See you tomorrow,
Matt “Gonna Keep It This Time” Trainer

P.S. Some housekeeping stuff. Each email in this series will have in the subject line PL in square brackets like this [PL Part …] so you can keep them straight.

If you want to not only know how I lost 1.9 million dollars AND how to make it yourself…at will…stay tuned to this entire series.

Im gonna teach each step of my Project Luck which includes:

PL Part 3 – The formula plus the MISSING piece.
PL Part 4 – The right way to do market research
PL Part 5 – Fast and simple site setup
PL Part 6 – How to ****** the right way to really sink this in forever
PL Part 7 – WTF is with all the Facebook hype? Here’s how to really do social media the right way
PL Part 8 – How to scale out paid traffic and really crush it…consistently
PL Part 9 – Monthly cash flow on autopilot & why you may NOT want this!
PL Part 10 – Putting it all together – The System

…and some other cool stuff that you can use to start making your own fortune (luck) right now. All free of course.

Stay tuned!


Now back to listening to Tracy Chapman. 🙂


Matt Trainer

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Robertas - April 10, 2012 Reply my response to this series 😀

From Matt: Haha! Hilarious!

Thomas - April 11, 2012 Reply

Can you teach me? I will do anything to learn. Even if it means flying down to San Diego and buying you lunch – I live in Seattle.


From Matt: Stay tuned to this series of posts/emails and you will learn all you need to know. 🙂

Ron Eason - April 11, 2012 Reply

Good shi…um, stuff, Matt. Keep it comin’.

But leave Tracy Chapman the hell alone…LOL.. 😉

Mary Reilly - June 26, 2012 Reply

Love Tracy Chapman but she is depressing. Thanks for your help.

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