And then there was entropy…

I had a weird thought that hit me yesterday.Entropy

Internet marketing (along with everything else) is heavily influenced by entropy. In layman’s terms entropy refers the constant running down of things. For example, your car will always wear down and end up as a pile of rust.


An old, rusty, piece of crap car will never evolve into a new one.

It’s the 2nd law of thermodynamics. (For all you science nerds out there.)

I’ve been saying for years that NOW is the time to jump into Internet marketing heavily. Because NOW is the easiest it will ever be. And if you aren’t getting good NOW, then you are going to be woefully more and more behind.

– More people doing it
– Bigger companies involved
– Better technology
– Growing sophistication of audiences

All those things and more make Internet marketing constantly harder and harder to compete and do well.

Many of you may have seen this week’s launch of Jon Benson’s 3X VSL product.

This is a perfect example of entropy in action.

It’s leveling the playing field with new technology. What used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, weeks of work and extreme talent and expertise can now be done in minutes for 1/100th the cost.

It’s a game changer.

The problem is that now you are competing with everyone else that’s using his tool.

You simply can’t be without it now.

Without it, you got nailed by entropy. You are behind and sucking other’s tailpipes.

I have to admit that I am kinda pissed that Jon is releasing this. It makes anyone able to write high converting sales letters in minutes. Since I’m a copywriter, his tool really nails my bottom line. Now any “Joe Schmo” can compete directly with someone like me that spent years studying and perfecting my craft.

Frustrating to say the least.

But it’s launched so I may as well get some affiliate commissions right?! πŸ™‚

Go here to get it and my bonus

What’s my bonus?

I’ve been quietly working on a copywriting system to end all copywriting systems.

Jon’s tool is great but my copywriting system will make it 1000 times better. See, I’ve been heavily studying group hypnosis and how masses are influenced by specific language patterns.

These patterns aren’t your normal every day language. But used in sales they literally FORCE people to say yes to you. It’s unreal.

This is deep so PAY ATTENTION!

For example if I say to you:

“It’s time for you to forget to remember and remember to forget to buy through anyone else’s affiliate link because clicking NOW on my affiliate link will create the ability for you to remember how to remember to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. So go now and buy through my link.”

Reads weird right? And no I didn’t do any typos or mistaken grammar. That is a very strategically written sentence engineered to shut down your conscious brain. It doesn’t read every well but when you HEAR it your brain can’t keep up.

Your conscious brain just stutters and stops working for a second. All that’s left if your open, exposed and easily influenced unconscious brain.

Then all your unconscious brain hears is,
“I must BUY NOW through Matt’s link because it will help me succeed.”

Sounds crazy but it’s the same technique used by some of the worlds most influential speakers and entertainers.

When used in a video sales letter or on stage it’s INSANELY effective.

So I’m creating a course called “Group Hypnosis Copywriting” based on a ton of principles and technics like that.

WHEN you GO NOW and buy Jon Benson’s cool new tool through my link you’ll get free access to this course when I’m done with it.

My course is like strapping a supercharger onto Jon’s 3XVSL tool.

So stop forgetting to remember to click my link and GO NOW. πŸ™‚

Don’t let entropy nail you anymore. It’s NOT getting any easier.

Talk soon,
Matt “Entropy Can Kiss My Ass” Trainer

P.S. Any of you that are in my coaching program will get free access to my Group Hypnosis Copywriting course when it’s ready. Click here to apply to be in that group.

But you still will need Jon’s tool.

Otherwise you are still going to be way behind everyone else.

Go here now to get it before it’s gone.


Matt Trainer

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