Duct tape + Tropical Country = Bad Idea [PL Part 8]

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Las Vegas
McCarran International Airport…(in the bathroom)

This ranks right up there with the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. If it’s not number one it’s definitely in the top 5.

The duct tape is so loud! I’m in the stall. I’m frantically trying to wrap duct tape around my legs and stomach.

I’m trying to be stealth. Definitely don’t want any attention. Not with $349,000 in cash strapped to my body.

But duct tape is so loud when you are peeling it off the roll. You know the sound. Now just imagine that sound…coming from an airport bathroom stall.

Yeah…totally doesn’t fit.

I have about 10 minutes until my flight leaves so I gotta be fast.

[sp_font family=”Sketch Rockwell” size=”28px”]Damn why do I put myself in these situations?[/sp_font]

One hour previously…back at the bank.

So there I stand, sweating like a hooker in church. I must have looked like I was seriously guilty of SOMETHING.

(I still wonder what they thought of me.)

There is a mountain of cash on the counter. And the brown paper bag.

The bank manager is whispering in the teller’s ear.

“WTF are they saying!?” I scream in my head.

After what seemed like an hour (actual time 30 or so seconds), the teller tells me they can’t help me.

Voice shaking I nearly scream, “Why?! It’s cash! I just want a cashiers check in exchange! I have an account here!”

The clerk calmly says, “I’m sorry sir. You have an account with our company in another state but not with this branch so we can’t help you.”

My head is about to explode. What kind of sense does this make?

I play out about a dozen not-very-nice scenarios in my head lightning quick. My eyes darting around, I finally say, “F**k it. I’ll never do business with you again.”

I have a plane to catch.

Man I hope I get through security with all this damn cash.


—Fade Out——

San Diego, CA

So here’s the lesson today. How to scale traffic to really crush it.

Let’s start with some questions:

  1. Why would someone with a profitable campaign NOT scale up?
  2. Why do so many people fail when you claim its so easy Matt?

The answer to question number one is pretty simple to answer. It comes down to simple belief.

I have a student that worked his ASS OFF for MONTHS to get his ebook site perfect. It’s a great site in a great market. He wrote an ebook about his unique experience in that market.

Good stuff.

I KNEW for sure it was gonna be a home run. He followed everything I taught to the letter. He did his research. He really knew his people.

Once he had everything in place I showed him how to start buying some traffic. He started with only $10 per day as a budget which is fine. Test small.

Again following my training to the letter we found out he had the ‘holy grail’ of marketing, a project that made profit from day one.

And HUGE profit! His $10/day campaign was making $50 in sales for a $40 profit. That’s 400% ROI! Insane.

So my first thought of course was SCALE THIS UP! Spend $1000/day and make $4000/day profit!

That didn’t happen. Not because the campaign stopped working. Still works and makes money to this day even. YEARS LATER!

He never scaled beyond $10/day because he had (and still has) limiting beliefs.

His thought process goes something like this:

“What if I go up to $1000/day on my budget and then it stops working and I lose $1000?”

Unfortunately this is a very common theme. Most people have more of a fear of loss than a belief in a gain. Even if empirical proof is right in front of them. I see it all the time.

While this is an extreme example, I would bet every one of you reading this has this pattern in their life at some level. I know that because you probably would not be reading this now.

You would have already taken all the mass of stuff you’ve learned from me and others and been working hard on applying it without NEEDING MORE VALIDATION.

Instead you are stuck where you are because you need some mystical “more”.

More knowledge. More tricks. More “secrets”. More “magic bullet” products. More tactics. More training. More software. More outsourcing. More personal development. (Eeeewww! That one stings a bit huh?)

This is why all the “shiny object” product launches work so well…OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

This need for “more” is the same problem my student has. It’s a limiting belief. Somewhere in your brain you have doubt.

You have the same blood-stained paper that reads…I DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

But guess what. You do have what it takes. You don’t need MORE.

You just have to change that belief and take some FUCKING ACTION!


Back at the Las Vegas airport…

Thank god the taxi waited on me. I never would have made it on time if he didn’t.

I’m standing in the short security line. Again, sweating like a pig. (Pigs don’t even sweat do they?)

My nerves are shot. The stress is getting to me.

Even in that pre-9/11 world, security would have held me up for hours and probably seized my cash if they knew I had it.

/—-Today’s Hot Tip—–/
Do NOT EVER do this dumb shit now. Post 9/11. You WILL be in major trouble. And probably a terrorist jail. Not smart. Even I’m not dumb enough to do this now.

But that’s why they invented private jets. 🙂
/—End Today’s Hot Tip—/

All I can think about is all the little metal strips they put in $100 bills. It’s not enough to set off a metal detector if you have a few bills.


Multiply that by 3490 bills and you have a nice size chunk of metal. That’s all I can think about.



Did I mention that I’m a complete idiot?



OK let’s answer question number two now:

“Why do so many people fail when you claim its so easy Matt?”

At first this question seems like the harder one to answer. It’s actually MUCH easier after you know the answer to the first one.

Once you understand you have the limiting beliefs it’s easy to see why people fail.

Because guess what:


You spend so much time and thought trying to get everything perfect. Every word, every graphic, every tracking piece, every piece of the funnel.

Then IF you finally getting around to buying some traffic, you are dejected because it doesn’t work right immediately.

Here’s the secret to turning this all around.


Not me. Not anyone.

Here’s a word you need to get VERY comfortable with:

Iterative (root word – “iteration“)

ALL of this stuff is an iterative process.

It goes exactly like this:

Create. Learn. Improve. Repeat.


See that little “LEARN” part? That means FAILING. You try something and it fails. Then you improve (tweak) it and try again.

If really OWN this, you will never “fail” again.

Most people quit WAY too early. Many times they are only one or two tweaks away from a massive success.

Thomas Edison is famous for “failing” 10,000 tests before making the light bulb finally work.

His quote says it best:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I tried AT LEAST 1000 different ways to beat blackjack. I spent MONTHS on testing before something EVEN CLOSE to a winning strategy emerged.

How many would you have stopped at?

50? 100? 500?


12 years previously…

Hot tropical country

OK the flight sucked…bad. Having 3490 sweaty $100 bills duct taped all over you is completely awful.

International flight is bad enough. Duct tape and extreme stress make it even more…umm…interesting. 🙂

Even worse is that I was forced to wear an ill-fitting 3-piece suit in order to hide the bulk.

Summer in a hot tropical country. Plastic wrapped $100 bills taped to your body. Covered with a full 3-piece suite. Stressed to the hilt. Good times.

I’m waiting in the customs line for the giant red button. The randomized button that when pushed – and lights the giant red light – means you are getting searched…everything.

I nervously watch. Again, sweating bullets because I didn’t want to declare that much cash. That would mean hours of questioning (in a language I don’t know) and a giant tax.

Or worse, as is common in these banana republics, a complete confiscation. I worked too hard for that to lose it that way.





Admitting publicly that you did something like this is probably dumb. It’s even dumber to name the country where this happened. I’m not that stupid. 🙂

/—End Sidebar—/

I’m about 10th back in the line. One after one, each person pushes the button. One after one, each time it turns green. This means you just pass on through without getting searched.


I’m getting closer and closer and not one person has hit a red light yet. In my mind this means I’m WAY more likely to get the red light.

Since I first got in line not one single person has gotten red. Holy shit my fate can’t be this. Not after all this stress and effort.

The line advances. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green.

In my head I’m screaming, “FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK! It can’t happen this way! WHYYYYYYY????!!!!”

I’m seriously on the verge of tears. I’m next in line.

Staring hard at the button, everything is in slow motion.

I slowly reach up and PUUUUUSSSSHHH. I feel the click.

I slowly look up to the giant light that could seal my fate.

The immigration officer gives me a weird look and then…


Find out the rest of the story in the new video I just put up.

Go to see it here >>>>>

See you in the video,
Matt “I know you hate me now” Trainer

P.S. Thanks for all your very positive feedback after yesterday’s email. It’s all very encouraging to me. You guys seriously have helped ease my fears about stepping out and telling these very personal stories.

I hope you have learned some cool stuff. More importantly, I hope you APPLY the stuff I’ve been teaching you. If you need more help to get pushed over the edge to success, just watch my new video here and join me on my quest.

Project: Luck – How to create your own luck…AT WILL




Matt Trainer

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Steve - April 21, 2012 Reply

Hi Matt,

it was great to read your stories, i would also be soaked in sweat if i had that kind of money wrapped on my body. anyway, good to hear you have re-opended your project luck offer, i was wondering if it will be possible to join in about 2-3 month or if you plan on closing it down again soon?


From Matt: Just have to check back and see when you are ready. No plans to close it but no promises.

Steve - April 21, 2012 Reply

also, i forgot to ask how long the training will last and what you will teach besides the offer+traffic+connection ?

thanks Matt

From Matt: It’s open ended. Lots of stuff I want to teach.

Sarah - April 27, 2012 Reply

LOL Matt, you tell killer stories.
I gotta watch the video now because I gotta know what happens.

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