July 20, 2013

The Cure For Tracy Chapman’s Revenge

The year was 1999. I had just had the biggest year of my life in business.just say no to tracy chapman

But I was depressed. Tracy Chapman’s music droned on in the background while I felt sorry for myself. That year I had made several million dollars but I was still down in the dumps. This year has been pretty similar in a lot of respects, especially the Tracy Chapman part.

Damn her!

For some reason I’ve developed this habit of turning on Tracy Chapman when I’m feeling down.

Don’t do that. It only makes you want to jump off a cliff.

As you may know I went to a 10-day “get your shit straight” retreat about 8 weeks ago. It was THE most incredible thing I’ve ever done for myself. It changed my life forever.

At that retreat I learned my negative patterns that keep popping up in my life. You know the ones. We all have them. Those annoying stupid things we do to self-sabotage or keep ourselves stuck or to keep us being the best version of ourselves.

That retreat helped me change almost ALL of mine.

Except one.

I still have this demon inside me that just LOVES Tracy Chapman. That demon’s only goal is to get me depressed and take my eye off the ball.

But not this time demon!

This time Tracy Chapman is staying paused. Yes even that Fast Car song.

I got an email yesterday that I’m calling “The Cure.”

It certainly cured me of my Tracy Chapman syndrome.

Here’s just part of the email:

“…that conversation basically started the momentum to an extra $20k+ per month profit and a surge of people wanting personal consulting and coaching.  And like I said, I haven’t even directly been selling that.

I’ve known email works (because I’ve been doing it for years), but your way of doing it has drastically increased engagement, responsiveness, and most importantly profits – just like you said it would. 🙂 That conversation we had easily added an additional multiple six-figures to my bottom-line!

Thanks again Matt. You da man!”

It’s hard to be depressed when you get something like that.

After that email I felt obliged to come out of “retirement”. It made me feel like I owe a duty to help more people get results like that. Plus it makes me feel great to help others achieve their goals and dreams (that’s the REAL cure).

I thought I was done with teaching Internet marketing. But that email slapped me silly and made me wake up.

I really do have an incredible email marketing system that anyone can use to create big money. To keep it to myself is not serving anyone at all. So I’m letting it out.

Here are just some results from people that followed the system:

  • A $15k coaching client in just three emails
  • An additional $30,000 per MONTH added to bottom line in less than 20 emails
  • A fat $100,000 commission check from mailing an old, dead list
  • $50,000 in sales in just 5 emails to a tired 17,000 person list
  • $5000 in PROFITS from 10 emails to a tiny list of 900 people

I could go on but I’ll stop there. If you have ANY sort of business at all, then email is your life blood. It’s your own personal money-printing machine. Yet no one even turns it on.

Even if you have a solid paid or JV traffic funnel that’s creating nice profits for you, I’m 100% certain you are leaving double or triple that amount on the table by not emailing your list the right way.

One guy I talked to today is making over $100,000 PER WEEK but even HE is not emailing his list correctly. He’s easily leaving another $100k-$200k PER MONTH on the table. (Head shakes slowly..bowing in disgust)

Sadly I don’t see anyone emailing effectively. Even the people that do mail their lists.


Why aren’t you getting $2 per name on your list PER MONTH?

My students earn that and sometimes WAY more.

I talk to a lot of people in business. But even those that THINK they are doing email marketing, only earn 20 to 50 cents per optin per month from their lists.

That’s atrocious but easily fixable.

You just have to flip around the way you do it.

“The Cure” email inspired me to really get our there and help some people get even GREATER results.

See, a few months ago I did a small test. I taught the basic version of my email marketing system to a small test group. Everyone in the group that implemented it turned their old, diseased lists around and started cranking out $2, $3 and some even are doing $4 per name on their list PER MONTH.

That means even with a small list of 5000 they are getting $20,000 PER MONTH consistently.

Best part is, their list loves them for it. My system creates not just profits but raving fans that can’t WAIT to hear from you and give you money. Yes it’s that good. And they only learned the basic system. It gets WAY better.

Do you want the cure?

I’m opening up my time to take on a very small handful of coaching clients. For those select few I’ll not just teach the entire system but MENTOR them through it. I’ll be there with you personally every week to make sure you nail it.

This is very exclusive (only 5 spots are open). It’s also not cheap because its so much of my personal time with you. But my first client covered my coaching fee in the FIRST email they sent out. That’s what I call a win-win!  🙂

If something like this interests you then fill out this quick application.

If you fit who I’m looking to work with then we will schedule a free half hour strategy session. In that session I’ll dig deep into your business and see how I can help. Then we will both agree to move forward or not. Simple.

Go here now to fill out the application.

And don’t EVER play Tracy Chapman, especially when you are alone. It ends badly.

Talk soon,
Matt “I’m cured!” Trainer

P.S. Let’s make this real simple. I’ve not yet seen ONE business that was emailing their list effectively and I’ve worked with a LOT of businesses. That means there are LITERALLY millions of dollars cooped up in lists that just needs to be extracted.

Why leave it there when all you have to do is go get it?

If you are:

  • Sick of leaving so much money trapped in your list
  • Have no idea what to email your list
  • Have no idea WHEN to mail your list
  • Don’t even HAVE a list
  • Want to build an even bigger, WAY more responsive list
  • Want to build a tribe of raving fans

Then just go here and fill out the application for only 5 open spots. If you fit then I’ll contact you and schedule your free strategy session.

But don’t delay because once those 5 spots are gone they are gone. At least until someone drops out, which may be a LONG time.

Here’s the link again to the application


Matt Trainer

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