February 7, 2009

Conversion secrets for 2009 revealed…

Hey you crazy marketing people (or just people that wanna make money online!),
In my new video you’ll learn some really cool stuff about conversions rates that are off the charts.
Here’s just a few things you’ll learn:

-How I’m making more money than ever during this “recession”!
-How to consistently get 40, 50 even 60% optin rates!
-How to consistently get 5% and higher conversion rates for sales!
-How I made $50k in my first 3 weeks doing CPA
-Why CPA marketing will be the biggest thing on the Internet in 2009
-How to get Mass Control 2.0 for FREE!

Press play to watch the video and learn:

Download the templates mentioned in the video here: Get the templates
Included in the templates are my own templates and also a very cool bridge page template from Zac Johnson.

Click here to see Frank Kern’s landing page discussed in the video above.

As always give me some feedback. Let me know what you think!

Talk soon,


Matt Trainer

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Gary A. - Affiliate Marketers Club blog - February 7, 2009 Reply

Gee Whizz Matt, if you’re trying to get me so excited that I won’t be able to sleep tonight, it’s working!!

You’re doing a pretty darn good job at making your bonuses sound more valuable than MC2!

I have a 1:15 pm est. Dr. appt. on the 16th. I hope that doesn’t mess me up in getting MC2! (assuming It’s within my price range).

One more thing. Can I REALLY trust that your CPA course is as good as stated? (I had to ask). Anyway,…


Gary A. (@GanderCo)

Ryan Orrico - February 7, 2009 Reply

Holy shit.

Even though I know Frank’s stuff rules. I want this more than MC2!!!

Peter Dudek - February 7, 2009 Reply


I wasn’t playing along because I’m already a Mass Control 1.0 owner and will be getting 2.0 free.

But after this video, I almost wish I could buy again through your affiliate link.

You are awesome.


P.S. I gave you some luv over on Warrior Forum…

Kenny Adeleke - February 8, 2009 Reply

Waow! This is great: Making huge cash with no website,no copywriting,etc. I wish I can afford it when it comes out. By the way, there was no optin menu after the video.

Edit from Matt:
To get on my list just optin in the upper right corner of this blog. Thanks for the feedback!

Eric - February 8, 2009 Reply

I agree the simplicity is great. Especially when the campaign is for the most part just using email. But when talking about doing something like CPA using CPC wouldn’t these simple landing pages have a terrible Quality Score and get a quick slappin’?

Edit from Matt:
You would never run PPC traffic directly to those pages. At least not from Adwords. You want to build your own “bridge”page that presells visitors and has great Quality Score. But don’t let Google run your life! We are making a killing in CPA and don’t even touch Google anymore. They make it too much of a management mess to deal with.

Talk soon,

Lawton Chiles - February 9, 2009 Reply

Thanks for sharing some of your tactics and tips Matt. We appreciate you letting us into your world of strategy.


Merchant Account Provider - February 9, 2009 Reply

I had a feeling MC2.0 was coming out soon. Listen, forget all that noon launch stuff that hoses out here on the East Coast. Just put me on the list now and I’ll pay, NOW, before it’s released. No kidding!

Edit from Matt:
I wish I could make that happen
but it’s out of my control.


Dan Murray - February 10, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,

Is there any other way to get the templates and videos on cpa?

Dan 😉

Edit from Matt:
Sorry, that’s the only way they can be had.

Mike - February 12, 2009 Reply

Hope you’re feeling better, Matt. Thanks for the “secrets.”

Quick question for you: Is Google loving your “simple” squeeze design or is will this design get slapped?

Since you’re pretty damn successful with “arbitrage,” you apparently aren’t getting slapped and you indicated in the vid you’d simplify the CPA examples beyond how simple they are.

So many thoughts about the squeeze come from Ryan Deiss, who emphasizes a certain squeeze/sandwich.

I wonder how many of us are thinking the same question.

Thanks, Matt.


Edit from Matt:
Please see my comments about that above.

Mike - February 12, 2009 Reply

Thanks, Matt. Sorry I didn’t read the comments before posting.

I think I might already know the answer to this question, but I have to ask it anyway:

Who can I go to for what I need to know to keep from getting my butt kicked in CPA?

It seems obvious you know enough about CPA to be dangerous, but you don’t have a product available to the market.

And I’m not interested in a box of DVDs, manuals, whatever. I liked how you said you could break Arbitrage down to 3 or 4 essential parts. That’s what I want…quick easy-to-follow actionable steps.

It seems every time I order something, I have to take a year off work to go back to “college” to digest it. I’m not looking for the Holy Grail. I just want to move to the next step.

I like what you’re doing but don’t know anything about CPA. I have a few products that might be well-suited for CPA.

Thanks again, Matt.


tania - February 12, 2009 Reply

I’ve only been doing the IM thing for a couple of months. So I AM the true beginner. I’m very excited about all the hype surrounding CPA and Mass Control 2.0 and your offer is very enticing but I am wondering if I will be jumping in the deep end with only 2 months of Frank’s infomillionaire training behind me?

Kristy - February 12, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,

For some reason I can’t get the video to play for longer than a few minutes!! Has anyone else had problems viewing, or is it just me??

Hope you’re over your cold now.


Edit from Matt:
2 other people have had a problem. It was solved by using Internet Explorer
browser. Weird, weird, weird.

Kristy - February 12, 2009 Reply

Thanks Matt, will give it a go. Looking forward to viewing it.


Lisa - February 12, 2009 Reply

Please let us Mass Control 1.0 students “buy your shit”…pleeeeeeaaaassseee?
We get 2.0 from Frank for free but we will gladly pay you on
Tuesday for a hamburger today. We want to pay you!
No really, name your price for Frank’s MC 1 students
for your “killer bonuses” and “done deal.”
Thanks MAtt

Wendy Merritt - February 13, 2009 Reply

Thanks for the great pointers! I was working on a new landing page and trying to think outside the box so as to not look like “every other landing page.” New with CPA and value your video comments.


Andrie Lesmana - February 13, 2009 Reply

i have bought the Mass COntrol 2.0 thru your link, can you confirm me? send me your email address and i will forward the receipt. thanks Matt. when i’m going to get your bonus??

Edit from Matt:
I don’t have you in my records. Please send me your receipt.

Dwayne Williams - February 14, 2009 Reply

Hey MAtt, I just stumbled across your bonus offer via the warrior forum and I just ordered Mass Control 2.0 after clicking through your twitter affiliate link to Frank’s videos.

Just wondering what I need to do or show you now (assuming your affiliate tracking system that Frank has doesn’t inform you) to receive your bonuses.

Please email me (I think you should have my email address filled in the form above)


~Dwayne Dexx Williams

Edit from Matt:
Thanks Dwayne!
I have you in my records. I’ll contact you when all the bonuses are ready.

Dan - February 14, 2009 Reply

I want to order through your link but none of your links work. Can you give me a working link… I want to make sure you get credited.

Edit from Matt:
Mass Control 2 is not “officially” available for sale until Monday the 16th.
Frank has leaked a link that I’m not sure I can also share. I’ll find out
and let you know. Worse case is an earlybird link on Sunday night/Monday
morning early.


Andrie Lesmana - February 14, 2009 Reply

so did you see my posting with all the information??

Edit from Matt:
Yeah I got it. Just didn’t want to show your info publicly.
I sent you an email verifying everything. Please email
me if you have questions.

Matt Trainer - February 14, 2009 Reply

Dan I sent you the link via email.

George Paiva - February 14, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,

Awesome video and killer bonuses!

Can you hook a brutha up with your super ninja friends and family early bird link?

I’m ready to buy!


Dan Clark - February 14, 2009 Reply

Matt, I just bought through your link. Thanks for sending it to me because earlier it wasn’t working correctly.

Are you going to be contacting me via email with the bonus stuff?


Richard Norton - February 14, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt

thanks for the heads up…I would be interested in cpa if you were to spin it off…

good luck with the launch and lmk…

Kenn Kihiu - February 15, 2009 Reply

I could not find how to get on your list. Please send me or post the link on how to buy it through your link and what email address to send the receipt.

Matt Trainer - February 15, 2009 Reply

For anyone that asked for the earlybird link, I sent it to you via email. It won’t be publicly broadcasted. You have to request it.
Talk soon,

Lisa - February 15, 2009 Reply

Hi MAtt,
I’d LOVE to know about your offer for Mass Control 1.0 students who already get 2.0 for free.
Could you email me if you’ve decided on anything.
And any other info I missed.
Thanks MAtt!

Blake - February 15, 2009 Reply

Is there anyway you could send out all of your links to the videos so i can be sure to optin through your links?

I went to your twitter account, but Im not sure you have all of the videos on there.

I want to be SURE to get your bonuses!

Also, if I were to do the 30 day trial (masscontrol) would I get your bonuses right away or would I have to wait until I pay it off or what?

Ben Nicholls - February 15, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,i just signed up to your list and would like the earlybird link for MC2,

thanks Matt!

Blake - February 15, 2009 Reply

Oh, and how can I make sure I am on your email list? I signed up, but I haven’t received an email yet? I am using gmail, could it be blocking you?

Blake - February 15, 2009 Reply

Pleeeeeeease send me your affiliate link matt.

I haven’t gotten any emails from you. Could gmail be blocking you?

Patrick Schuppe - February 15, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,
I am very interested in getting your bonuses as a product of its own because at this time I cant afford Masscontrol 2.0. I am earning $600 to $700 a month so there is realy now way;-)

I hope Frank sells it again later on this year.

Greg Stillman - February 16, 2009 Reply


Can you email me the early release link that will credit you – (already have one – but wanted to use yours for the bonus)?

Thx –

Kenn Kihiu - February 16, 2009 Reply

I’ve just gotten MC2 through your affiliate link. I was going through the comments and noticed a comment by a fella Peter Dudek who said he gave you some love on the Warrior Forum which is one of the main reasons I purchased MC2 using your link, so maybe you can through the guy a bonus (I don’t know him either but it was a good post)

Yvon-Pierre - February 16, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

I’m like Lisa. I’d like to know if something can be arranged for Mass Control 1.0 students who already receive MC2 at no cost.

Even if you can arrange something for only part of your MC2 bonus, I would like to know.

Please email me about this when things calm down after the launch.



Russell Emrick - February 16, 2009 Reply

You are a hard man to contact. Got an email address? Anyway, I ordered MC 2.0 through your link and would like to know how to claim your bonuses and work with you. Thanks…Russ

Edit from Matt:
Got it! Check your email!

Greg Stillman - February 16, 2009 Reply


Ditto Russ’s comment above – (2/16 – 10:29am)
Purchased through your link… can you confirm recept?

Lauren Schwaar - February 16, 2009 Reply

I have the same question as many here– I ordered MC2 through your aff link and I have yet to receive an email, so I wanted to make sure you had me in your records.

Thanks a lot,

Ahmed Abdelbary - February 17, 2009 Reply


You bonus was my mainn motive to buy Mass Control 2.0

Please I need to know, when your bonus will be ready? and how we will receive it?

Matt Trainer - February 17, 2009 Reply

Thanks everyone for the orders. The bonuses will be ready in about a week (Feb. 23-24). I will be contacting everyone via email when everything is ready!
It’s gonna rock!
Talk soon,

Ahmed Abdelbary - February 18, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt

Can you confirm that you get credit for my purchase?
I made sure that your id(bmf) is there before I ordered

Edit from Matt:
You are confirmed! Bonuses will be ready in about a week!
Talk soon,

Shane Hale - February 18, 2009 Reply

Awesome video bro. You have opened my eyes to eye direction and placement! Awesome stuff!

Todd - February 19, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

I know it is kind of late in the game but was wondering if I could still purchase MC 2.0 from your affiliate link and still get the bonuses? Will this URL still work?


Or am I too late? Let me know, thanks!


Edit from Matt:
It works as of 6:25 AM California time but you
better go now! Frank told me last night he’s shutting
it down first thing this morning.

greg hawkins - February 24, 2009 Reply

Hello Matt,

I’m just wondering, are you the guy i met a few years back at the joliet empress casino talking about forex trading when you brought your notebook computer with you that night along with a friend from overseas ??
I’ve been wanting to contact you if this is really you!
I met with a guy from the score organization, they help people put together a business plan, and i told this guy i wanted to be a daytrader and that i knew this guy i met a few yrs back who wanted to teach people how to daytrade and meet at this libary in chicago but nobody was interested in doing it. If this is you, please respond and tell me if your still doing currency or emini trading, thanks man !

Edit from Matt:
Yep that was me Greg!
I stopped trading. Making money on the Internet has better ROI and not so stressful!



Josh - February 25, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

Are you still offering the MC Bonus for sale? If so, I noticed you have 2 buy links…Does the link for MC owners have to be for MC 2.0? I own the original.


Edit from Matt:
Nope it’s not for sale anymore.
It was a limited time offer.

James Overholser - February 25, 2009 Reply

Loved your ClickBooth webinar with Harold… On your e-mail list if you do open up the CPA course I am in

Will work for knowledge!

Jim O

Marc Goodman - May 31, 2009 Reply

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the video and templates. I’m downloading and watching as we speak!

Here’s to your success!

Marc Goodman

JB - June 15, 2010 Reply

Matt, your systems really work well, we have tested them and have excellent results!

dyuane - July 10, 2010 Reply

Thanks for the info. One of my friends referred me your site. thanks for all of the info on landing pages.

Doug - November 2, 2010 Reply

worth millions. i’m dead serious. Think about those numbers.

40% optin…at least you can keep half of your traffic vs. sending directly to affiliate URL.

PLUS….Build that relationship and trust….I’m sure you Could Get a Good Open Rate….and Even Way Better Conversion Rate. I’ll bet you could get a 3 or 4% Sales Conversion Rate.

This stuff is SO Killer GOOD!! I’ve Been Watching Kern’s List Control Videos….I tell ya….I’m going to make money with this.

thanks matt!!

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