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April 15, 2011

Broken water heater nearly destroys family…

Getting the old one outI’m pretty manly as most of you know already. πŸ™‚

But I just saw something that made me tear up. The story is amazing.

I got an email from Mike about it and he said it made him cry. Even though I know Mike is a softy and isn’t prone to hype at all, it just seemed like a tad bit of marketing hype to me.

But then I saw it myself. It’s very moving.

It’s the new video from the Main Street Marketing Machines launch.

Click here to go check it out >>>>

The video is nothing but real success stories right from the actual people.

It’s a very well made video but that doesn’t really mean much these days.

What does mean EVERYTHING is the stories themselves.
These are real people. MSMM changed their lives.

You MUST see this video even if you NEVER plan to buy MSMM simply because it gives hope.

And hope is a huge thing.

Some would say everything.

You have to watch all the way to the end (it’s not long) because the last story is the best one.
It’s a very moving story from the wife of a MSMM hero. I won’t spoil it but I will say that the part about the broken water heater is what tore me up.

Go here to see it >>>

Talk soon,
Matt “Cry Baby” Trainer
P.S. In my last email I said I was gonna give more details about my new training bonus for MSMM.

In case you missed the first 2 emails about my new training program:
Click here for Part 1 – Seth Godin Slapped Me
Click here for Part 2 – Be The Linchpin
/–End SideBar—/

I also promised I’d tell you how to find high-paying clients now. I’ll start with that.

It’s actually pretty simple to find high-paying clients. The simplest (and most effective) way is through networking.
I’ve made some killer contacts just by attending various events. I don’t mean marketing events either. (Avoid those like the plague for this kind of stuff.)

I mean the local meetups and community leader type events. They are not hard to find. Just go to and look around at all the local meetup groups.
The best ones are for local business leaders or Chamber of Commerce type of events.

So far at EVERY one of these I’ve attended, I was the ONLY one at the event that knew ANYTHING about marketing on the Internet.

Guess who was VERY popular! πŸ™‚

Make sure you bring LOTS of business cards! You’ll get so many leads you won’t know how to handle them all.

Another really cheap and simple thing to do is postcards.

Just send a very basic bright yellow postcard to lists of corporations with 10-50 employees. (That range is key.)
You can get those lists lots of places but I like or Jigsaw leads from

So go to it! If you work at this a bit you will see huge results!

But here’s even better news!

In my new training I’ll show you how to bypass ALL that work and jump straight into the exact group that’s a huge goldmine for me now! (That secret is staying a secret for now.)

I also mentioned that my new training is going to be done in small, mastermind style groups but this gets better.

These groups are gonna meet at my house! Yep you’ll hang with me at my own house for 2 full days and get to see all my inside stuff that’s working now. Nothing held back.

Since I have some pretty famous Internet marketing friends that live VERY close to me, a few of them will be there too.

So you’ll get the chance to be in a small, intimate group and get behind the scenes access that’s not granted anywhere for less than $10,000 or more.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna make sure those that can’t attend live will get videos of the live training.
I’m also gonna do more than one event at my place to make sure the groups stay small and intimate.

So stay tuned to the MSMM launch and buy it through my link when it finally launches on Monday the 18th.

Email me with any questions at matt(at)

April 13, 2011

Be The Linchpin – Part 2

The Big MoneyI bolted out of bed today with a start.
I was sweating and breathing heavily.
I was on the verge of a panic attack.

You know how you have strange things go through your brain in that half-asleep, half-awake state just before you get up in the morning?

Well I had a doozy today.

I was thinking about the first email about my new training I sent you the other day and I started freaking out a bit.

If you missed part 1 of this series click here.

I realized I had maybe confused some of you and that bothered me. I also realized I was being a bit “cagey” by holding back so much.


So, after thinking about it all day, I’m just gonna spill the beans now.
I was gonna drag it out and whet your appetite for what I have a bit more.
But I think it does that on it’s own already and there’s no reason to play games.

Here’s the deal. I’m crushing it right now with my new stuff. Since it’s a wide open arena, I want as many people as possible to get in on it.

There’s one area where training is lacking and it’s so untapped it’s unreal.

It’s a market with big pockets that are CRAVING to pay you HUGE upfront fees to help them.
(See the P.S. for even more about this.)

Here are a few example deals I’ve closed in the last several weeks:

——-Check out these deals——-

*** A $10M/yr company that’s doing well but they don’t even collect emails on their sites.
And get this, they NEVER email their current customers…ever!!!

(This deal is paying me $25k up front PLUS the bonus I talk about in the P.S.)

*** A very successful ****** worth millions that sells $100k training packages and has NO IDEA how to get new clients. He gave me control of all his marketing.

(This deal will net me an EASY 7 figures over the next couple years.)

*** A well known ****** that books huge seminars but has no idea how to market himself.

(This one is worth another $25k upfront AND more on the back.)

*** A hugely successful ***** that sells tons of ***** and has a big following but no idea how to market to his followers.
He doesn’t even have a Facebook page!
And he was just on Good Morning America!

(This one will net an easy $100k in the first month alone.)

———Pretty killer huh?————

I could keep going but I think you get the idea.

So here’s the “secret” strategy:
Reaching out to big clients that have big pockets…
but suck at marketing.

Guess what, there are millions of them.

They even KNOW they suck at marketing and are CRAVING for someone like you to contact them.
They are searching for you but they don’t know how to find you!


So, what’s the catch?

The bright ones reading this are still wondering why I redacted (fancy word for “removed”) a couple key words in the example deals.

I don’t want to give that away yet. That’s where the HUGE “aha!” moment comes.

You see, in general, what I’m teaching you here is 100% true and you can CRUSH it for several years just reaching out to any business that needs you.

That’s what Main Street Marketing Machines teaches very well.

——Video update——
BTW, check out the second training video from Mike about MSMM.
It’s killer. Click here to get it.
——End update——–

But I’ve uncovered a very select group to go after that BLOWS AWAY even 100 new “local business” clients.

– This group wants to PAY YOU UP FRONT!

– This group will pay you 100 times more than ANY local business!
– This group is CRAVING your skills!

– This group is out in the open and very easy to contact!
– This group won’t even flinch at a $25k up front fee!
– This group will see you as a hero and will LOVE to hear from you!

In short, it’s a goldmine. A big one. And it’s completely untapped.

So my training will teach EXACTLY:
– Who this group is and how to find them
– What to say to them
– How to close them (though it stupid easy!)
– What to offer to them and what NOT to offer to them
– How to get a neverending stream of new clients from this group
– How to guarantee results and feel great about it
– All the contracts and paperwork you need so secure the deals
– And most importantly…
…How to do NONE of the actual work!

This training is only going to be done in small, mastermind style groups.
The first group I’m taking has to buy Main Street Marketing Machines through my link.
You’ll also have to fill out an application and get approved by me personally to get in.

The reason is that this training is gonna be very “hands on”, personal training from me and I only want to deal with high-level, non-crazy people.
I also want to vet out the losers that just want to steal the content and resell it as some stupid $37 e-book.

This is a real opportunity to take MSMM to a very high level and build a seven-figure business VERY FAST.
And I’m gonna teach you personally.

Anyway, you get it.

If you’re still reading then, click here to check out the new MSMM video.

In my next email I’ll show you some outside-the-box ways to find high end clients on your own now.
If you are ambitious enough you could have big paying clients before the training even starts!

See you in the next email,
Matt ” ******** ” Trainer

P.S. My last email left a few people confused so I wanted to say something:
NO MY NEW TRAINING IS NOT THE SAME AS Main Street Marketing Machines!

OK, whew! Got that off my chest.

My new training complements MSMM completely and adds a multiplier effect to it.

In my last email I also mentioned that I’m averaging $4000/hr with this new strategy.
That’s only partially true.

The REAL truth is that the $4000/hr is ONLY THE FRONT END! I’m also getting a piece of the increase in profits!

This will add up to at least AN ADDITIONAL very high six figures a year and maybe even seven.
So in the end I can’t even tally the REAL number that I’m making per hour doing this.

Let me answer a big second question I got from many of you:

But here’s the thing, even if you very new to Internet marketing, you already know enough to do VERY well with this.
Plus, in my training I’ll show you how to get other people that already know what they are doing to do ALL the work!

Click here to check out the new MSMM video!

April 11, 2011

Seth Godin slapped me

seth godin slapped meDamn you Seth Godin!

I had a perfectly great plan going and then you stepped in. You completely spun me around and disrupted my ENTIRE plan…

…and I thank you.

Yes it felt like you slapped me in the face.
And yes you made me tear down WEEKS of work.
And yes you caused a major delay in my product release.
And yes I lost MONTHS of revenue (high six figures worth).
And yes I had to COMPLETELY reboot my brain and business.

Even through all that, I must thank you.

You have changed my life AND my business, forever.

Though it’s been a hell of a wake up call and a disruption, it’s 100% worth it.

What the hell did Seth do that caused so much drama?

He wrote a little book called “Linchpin”. (Read it when you can. Highly recommended!)

Before I read that book I had a plan to do something that’s not been done in the Internet marketing world before.

I was gonna teach all my success secrets using the university model. It was to be based on “systems” and homework and very rigid methodology.
Exactly like a university.

Linchpin showed me that my “university” model was completely flawed…

…and doomed to fail.

No question about it.

Why? Because it’s based on a model that’s doomed to failure.

Rigid systems like our current school system are failing and have been for a VERY long time. They are geared to create robotic, rigid “factory workers” that can’t think for themselves.

The don’t teach how to be a creative thinker, a problem solver, an artist or a giver.

That’s the complete OPPOSITE of what I want my students to be.
So I was forced to see the light and rethink my ENTIRE plan.

It really threw me for a loop…BAD! I was in a funk for over a month.

I was even a bit depressed because I couldn’t figure out how to fix the entire training system I had planned.

Thankfully, I finally snapped out of it and I’m back. Stronger than ever and with a 10,000 times better plan.

This time I’m moving forward with the whole “linchpin” idea fully integrated.

The idea being that you MUST make yourself THE “unremovable” piece or the linchpin.
You MUST make yourself the one piece that no one can do without; The one last piece that makes the entire show run without falling apart.

If you don’t do this then you really only have about as much value as a $3/hr outsourced worker.

After completely reworking my plan, I have something that’s real, solid and 100% future-proof.

You WILL become the linchpin. You’ll never have to worry about changes that happen in the Internet marketing world ever again.

No more worries about Google, email, Facebook, SEO, traffic…none of it.

YOU will be the one solid piece that holds it all together.

You’ll sleep like a baby knowing you have a business that will be around forever no matter what happens.

The best part, you’ll make more money and have more fun than you EVER dreamed possible!

Yes this is all real. I’ve been testing it for 3 solid months now.

My results?

For one, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been but more importantly…

I’m averaging over $4000 or EVERY hour I “work”.
(I put “work” in quotes because it’s very easy and actually FUN!)

How many hours would you “work” with results even near that?
A LOT! Especially when you see how fun and rewarding it is.

The system I have can get you there and fast.

So what is it?

I’m not gonna reveal that just yet.

What I will tell you is that it has a lot to do with a product that’s launching right now.

The guys at Traffic Geyser are launching their completely revamped product, Main Street Marketing Machines.

Click here now to see the first video to grasp the size of this.

These guys are getting real results for lots of people.
I checked it out and it’s real. You can’t say that about much these days.

Stay tuned to my emails coming over the next few days to see more details about my system.

I’m also gonna show you how to get it for free.

(HINT: It has something to do with the Main Street Marketing Machines Fusion launch.) πŸ™‚

Talk soon,
Matt “Linchpin” Trainer
P.S. In my last couple emails I talked about a way to END procrastination forever. I’ll finally reveal how to complete the puzzle.

In the previous email I showed how to put a “flavor” or “feeling” on your procrastination.
(Click here to read about that again.) That was step 1.

Step 2 (the last step!) is simply to reverse that feeling.

For me, when I start to procrastinate I start feeling “pressed down” and the task I need to do feels like it’s a giant staring down at me.

So all I do is reverse that. I close my eyes and start visualizing that I’m feeling tall and I see the task as a tiny little thing the size of a postage stamp.

So examine your “feeling” of procrastination, then close your eyes and visualize the opposite.

You’ll see some amazing things start happening. You’ll feel empowered and you’ll find getting up to do that dreaded “thing” incredibly easy.

Try it. You’ll like it.

In my next email, I show some more details of my “linchpin” system and how you can start doing it yourself.

Stay tuned.

Don’t forget to check out the first video from Mike about the new Main Street Marketing Machines system.

February 25, 2011

The Times They Are a-Changin’

1965 FranceThe Times They Are a-Changin’

Man I love that Bob Dylan song. I hadn’t heard it in a while but when I sat down to write this email it’s all I could think about. To get yourself in the mood for this email click this link and turn up your speakers.

OK – got good ol’ Dylan playing now? Good.

The times indeed are changing. So much so that even long-successful strategies like SEO, article marketing, business blogging and even email marketing are losing their effectiveness.

In fact, I’m 100% convinced nearly everyone is now doing all these things wrong. Let me explain.

With the rise of Facebook and the MASSIVE amount of new content uploaded to the Internet, SEO is dying a slow death.

“Really? Why? How?” you say.

We simply don’t have adequate filters anymore to find quality content and information. There’s just too much new stuff every day now. YouTube alone has 50,000 hours of new content uploaded EVERY DAY!

Search engines aren’t solving that problem is well as they used to. So where are people turning more and more to filter content and find stuff that relates to them?

They turn to the ultimate filter…

…their friends.

I firmly believe that this is at least part of the reason why Facebook has grown so fast. It’s a GREAT content filter.

Marketers always go where the traffic is. So they are now flocking to Facebook in droves.

You are seeing Fan Pages flying up like mad. Marketing ads every where you turn. People constantly posting marketing messages on their “wall”. Forced invites to marketing groups you have no interest in joining. It’s getting crazy.

Guess what, nearly none of it is working very well. Everyone is doing it all wrong.

Article marketing is tired and losing effectiveness every day because people are wising up to the mostly crap content. Business blogging is suffering the same fate.

Email marketing is becoming less effective because people use their lists as marketing hammers constantly hitting their subscribers over the head with promotions. (Yes I’ve been guilty of this too.)

People are simply tired of crappy non-relevant content that doesn’t connect to them. Couple that with near constant marketing promotions you get an entire system that’s failing for most people.

The Times They Are a-Changin’

In my own business I’ve made a MAJOR shift.

In the last several months I’ve spent almost $600k testing all these things in every way you can imagine.

All that testing yielded me a big fat…nothing. Except the knowledge that I was doing it all wrong like everyone else.

It finally hit me exactly 3 months ago what I was missing. It was the “connection”.

You MUST to connect to people and deliver great stuff to them and not hammer them with promotions.
I saw the writing on the wall several months ago even as I was massively scaling my SEO niche blog business. Once I fully grasped what was coming I completely changed the course of my company.

Here’s what I’ve changed:
– No more SEO. I’m completely convinced it’s a dying model. (Google is scared to death of Facebook because of this.)
– Only connect with people via story telling and high quality content
– I finally embraced Facebook (with a lot of kicking and screaming for YEARS)
– Following the content “curation” model on my blogs to deliver what my visitors want
– Having FUN with the business now instead of just doing what makes money (niche SEO blogs…boring)

Since making the major changes my results have skyrocketed.

Things like:
– Instead of waiting 60-90 days for SEO to start working, I get free traffic in a couple days that grows exponentially
– Over 800% increase in response from my email lists
– Facebook Fans growing virally without any more work
– Optin rates on my Facebook Fan Pages over 60% many times as high as 80%
– New sites becoming profitable in just a few weeks instead of months ALL with “free” organic traffic
– Readership and time on my sites increasing over 500%
– Going from 1000’s of sites to just a few dozen to generate a seven figure income
– Reducing staff requirements by 80%
– Customers and readers that love their experience and become a “tribe”
– We have fun now and working on the business is a pleasure instead of a grind!

It’s my firm belief that everyone reading this needs to immediately incorporate more “high touch” and connection with people into your businesses. Get off the “shiny object”, launch-of-the-week merry go round and build a real future proof business.

Here’s what works and will work forever:
1. Curate great content and organic traffic happens naturally.
2. Use your email lists to tell stories and connect with people
3. Do the same with your Facebook accounts and build your list on Facebook
4. For promotion, only do very “soft” marketing if any at all. (If you do 1-3 right you don’t even have to sell people at all. They’ll just buy whatever you suggest. “Suggest” being the key word there.)

If you do all these things you’ll start to develop a tribe of people that love you. They will do whatever you tell them to do because you become the authority. They’ll love that you don’t pound them over the head with marketing messages.

I’ve been tweaking this whole system for months and its been working extremely well. So well that I will never go back to the “Old Way” of doing things. My business is changed forever.

The model will either work for you or it won’t …and the only way we can find out is for you to learn about it first hand.

I’m willing to walk you through it – FOR FREE – as long as you realize it’s NOT for everybody.

This project IS for:

* People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace just as much (or more) as they value making money.
* People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
* People who are making money already and just want more leads that convert better

* People who want to build a “tribe” of loyal followers in a very short time
* People who understand the value of what I’m offering and won’t waste time needlessly
This project is NOT for:

* People who sell “get rich quick” or “Biz Opp” materials.
* People who do CPA marketing …or only want to be affiliates.
* People who have no business, aren’t actually selling anything, or are perpetually in “information gathering mode”. (If you haven’t gotten started yet, that’s OK just as long as you’re ready to actually start doing something now.)

And now for more brutal honesty: You actually have to work. Pretty hard.

The discovery I’ve made has nothing to do with you sitting on the couch drinking beers while money falls from the ceiling. (That would be awesome though.)

So if you’re hoping for that type of “miracle”, then you might want to pass on this.

Here’s How It Works

Like I said, it’s free to learn about what I’m up to and how it can be applied to your business.

So if you’re curious, here’s what to do:

Click this link to be taken to an application where I ask you all sorts of questions about your business. They’re not that invasive. I’m just really wanting to make sure I think we’re a fit before I take up both of our time explaining everything.

The application will come to my office and one of two things will happen.

Possibility number one: I’ll decide my stuff is NOT a good match for you and I’ll let you know politely.

Possibility number two: I’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and I will schedule a call to see if we really are.

If that happens, you’ll get a VERY valuable overview and Strategy Session where you see exactly how the system works. Plus, you’ll get some suggestions on how you can apply it immediately to your business.

That’s all free.

I’ll review applications on a first come, first-served basis.

Go here now to get the application. No optin required and no games. It’s really free if we are a fit.

Talk soon,
Matt “Changin’ Times” Trainer
P.S. I mentioned in my previous email I found a simple system for forever eliminating procrastination.

It’s a simple system that only requires you to “reframe” your thoughts. After you change your frame you’ll get more done effortlessly. So much that you’ll be amazed.

The coolest part is that it only takes a couple minutes to learn.

Here’s the first step:
When you are thinking about doing something what does it “feel” like? What does it “look” like?

For example if you are thinking of a task you need to do and you are feeling the procrastination bug coming on what do you see?

Get a picture in your head then close your eyes as you think about it. Is it in color? Is it “loud”. It is “above” you. Is it “big”. Is there “motion”. Are there any “smells”.

Find 2-3 dominant feelings about it like those suggested above. Write those down.

In my next email I tell you step 2 (don’t worry there are only 2 steps!).

After step 2 you’ll be 100% motivated to do previously dreaded tasks. Seriously!

Stay tuned to next email for step 2.

Click here to go to the application for free consultation session with me

February 17, 2011

Cowboys in Space

Mmm... spacey goodness
Cowboys in space.

That was the premise of the Star Wars movies. At least it was supposed to be.

Even though I love Star Wars, it didn’t really pull off the “cowboys” part.

However there is a really cool TV show you should check out that does pull it off, and very well.

The dialog and storytelling in this show is some of the best I’ve ever seen. The show is called “Firefly.”

It was written and produced by Joss Whedon of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” fame.

Before you roll your eyes and tune out, please trust me on this. Firefly is an amazing show.

Here’s how good it is; My wife hates sci-fi, but even she loves the show.

The show is a several years old and unfortunately it was canceled after only one season but it’s available on iTunes, NetFlix and DVD. (Click here to check it out)

I can’t recommend it high enough.

(It spawned a movie called “Serenity” as well but PLEASE see the entire show BEFORE watching the movie. You’ll be glad you did.)

So why am I writing about Firefly and cowboys in space? Many reasons…

First off, its just damn good entertainment. It’s witty, funny and has a great story line.

Second, its a great lesson in writing and capturing (and keeping) viewers attention. My goal is to be able to do that well in my email communication and blog posts so I study great writers.

If you can connect with people then you can market to them if you aren’t “douchey” about it.

The third reason is about mindset. Think about the mindset of a cowboy in space.

Space is a wide open frontier with massive amounts of opportunities, especially in shows like Firefly and movies like Star Wars where it’s fairly simple to travel from planet to planet. This is just like the Internet.

There are so many awesome ways to make money on the Internet I’ve had to learn a new skill…saying no. I’ve been very guilty of taking on too many projects because there are so many great ideas and so many ways to make money.

Cowboys in space have an interesting mindset I think we can learn from. They are pursuing so many opportunities that they get themselves into trouble.

By going after things they probably shouldn’t (mostly for the excitement or the “quick buck”), lots of crazy things start happening.

This creates great stories but we don’t want great stories. We want freedom and success and a clear head.

It’s hard to turn down great opportunities but I’ve had to start doing that lately. In fact, I’ve developed a new training program that’s teaches how to focus on one thing.

This email is not about that but it’s a great lesson in itself. In a sea (or universe) of opportunity, it’s tough to stay focused.

Lack of focus I think is the main issue for why people don’t succeed online. Nearly every person I know in Internet marketing suffers from it on some level.

So here’s the main lesson I want to get across for this email:

Focus on ONE thing. And one thing only.

Pick ONE thing that you know works and just do that. You’ll get results. You’ll learn how to improve and you’ll have a clear head. Don’t be a “cowboy” going after new opportunity every time you see it. You’ll never get anywhere.

If you don’t know what that ONE thing is then go back and reread some of my previous emails. I’ve talked about this before.

I’ll hit on it again in future emails so stay tuned.

Talk soon,
Matt “Cowboy No Longer” Trainer
P.S. I’ve learned some cool tricks about how to stop procrastination and get yourself motivated to take action in just a couple minutes.

It’s actually quite simple and has changed my life in a big way. Procrastination is the HARDEST thing to conquer.

Fortunately I’ve discovered a cool system to defeat it forever. All you have to do is change the way you perceive.

Stay tuned to my next email for more on that.

February 3, 2011

iPhones suck…

It drops in slow motion. Like a scene from a movie.broken iphone Sailing very elegantly through the air.

As it flies I feel a twinge of regret. I just wasted $500.

Then the phone smashes against the ground and I can’t help but giggle.

Now I have a cool story to tell.

I had just launched my new iPhone 4 off our 8th floor balcony.

“F*kn piece of shit,” I mutter to myself.

Over the last several weeks I’ve had nothing but problems with that damn thing. Apple’s super-gay product called “Mobile Me” has been duplicating my contacts like rabbits breeding.

Three days ago it gotten so bad I had over 100,000 contacts on my phone. Only 1000 of which are real. Awesome.

That’s when I entered the iPhone seventh circle of hell.

You see there’s no way to just de-duplicate the contacts built into the iPhone.

Of course not! Why would there be!!!!????? WTF???

After numerous trips to the Apple store “Genius” Bar, trying everything I found online and a couple different apps, nothing worked.

The the so-called “Genuises” at the Apple store made my duplicate contacts jump up 60,000 more! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Then every app I tried couldn’t handle that many contacts and just crashed.

THEN my phone became almost inoperable. The number of contacts made it run ridiculously slow.

THEN TO TOP IT OFF, the contacts were syncing to my MacBook Pro and making IT run slow. Seriously…WTF?

So, smashing the thing on the ground solved a lot of stress I was having. πŸ™‚

Sort of… I still had the damn contacts to deal with. AAARRGGGHHH!!!

I was able to retrieve an old backup on Time Machine and get it working again but only AFTER six more hours of work!

So, why am I telling you all this?

Simple. There are major holes in the iPhone software. Holes that can easily be filled with smart marketers like us.

There should a simple app that’s fast and light that will de-dupe contacts and make Mobile Me work right. But there’s not.

I KNOW there are millions of people all over the world having the same problem. Instant market that’s desperate for a solution.

But how do you create an app that would fill holes like these? I had no idea until Trey Smith showed me what’s up.

Turns out it’s pretty simple.

Click here to check out his new video about how he built a simple iPhone game that became an instant hit.

There is a HUGE business opportunity here.

Check out Trey’s insight on this. Good stuff.

Talk soon,
Matt “Need A New Phone” Trainer
P.S. Feel free to take my idea for de-dup app and make a boatload from it. Just please send it to me so I can fix my crap phone.

Waiting to hear more about my blackjack tales? I’ll show you the whole strategy if you make me a promise.
Full details coming in next post.

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