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August 30, 2008

Wow I really screwed up…

Hello all,
First off I want to state that I am incredibly sorry for the confusion that my job offer has caused. Many people were upset and started calling me a scammer when that is not the truth at all.

I had a real job opportunity available that paid real money for real work. The idea behind the job was to have people create links and traffic for my various products.

This is very common for Internet businesses to hire virtual assistants to drive traffic. I have no desire to harvest email addresses. It’s simply the way I stay in contact with people and track their work.

The sad thing is that none of this negativity would have happened if I had just stated that the job pays per task instead of per hour. I was trying to explain the pay in a way easy for people to understand but I should have just said, “This task pays X dollars and will take you approx. X hours to complete but will vary based on response rates.”

This is my fault and I am not going to sugarcoat it. I messed up. I was trying to do a decent thing and just worded it all wrong.

I have dozens of tasks that I have people that work for me to perform. The only one that has caused all the issues is the Craigslist job posting task. You don’t see any other threads from people that got past that task and complaining about the tasks after that.

That is also my fault and I accept responsibility. I have removed that task completely from my system and I am now only hiring people through more traditional means.

I have taken down my hiring site, removed the job description video from my blog, and emailed all the people I could and told them to stop placing ads.

I am now in the process of attempting to verify all the people that did work for me and didn’t get paid because of the response rates message.

I have created a special email address for people to contact me to get paid. Please email matttrainerpayme AT gmail DOT com.

I know all the contact info of every person that applied to work for me and I know who entered email addresses as part of the hiring task. If you haven’t heard from me already, please email the above address and I will get you paid.

As far as my hiring system goes, I have taken it down completely and am revamping it so problems like this won’t happen again. I will have legitimate jobs available but I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As part of that commitment, I am not including a hiring task in the job ever again. I will hire on my own and not ask people that work for me to do it.

I will have a new video up soon on my blog detailing (in the way I should have originally) the jobs I will have available. The jobs will pay by task and by quality of work and not by the hour.

Think and say of me what you want. I did try to do a good thing and provide some jobs. I just mucked up the explanation for the job which setup expectations that were not fulfilled for several people.

I’m sure that no matter what I do, some of you won’t believe that I am sorry and that I am trying to make amends. All I can say is that this is very far from the truth.

I am trying to fix this if you will allow me to. Please forgive me for the pain and frustration I have caused.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Most people were paid and have legitimately tried to defend me. Thanks to all of you that tried to defend me and were spit upon for doing so. Please accept my apologies.


Work For Me Video Job Description

Sorry this is no longer available.

Hey all,
Press play to watch a video detailing a description of the work from home job I have available.


If you want to work for me and learn how I run my seven-figure Internet business just go here and apply to start. Sorry this is no longer available.

Talk soon,


July 29, 2008

Lot’s ‘o Moolah 101


Believe it or not…

Here’s the formula for success on the Internet:
Traffic + Copywriting + Product = Lots ‘o moolah!

This “formula” was originally coined by James Brausch as:
Traffic + Copywriting + Product = Internet Business Success

My version is WAY better. 🙂

Let’s talk about the various parts of that formula.


Traffic is silly term that really just means people. You need to be able get people to see your message in order to get any kind of success in a business. Most times it’s called advertising and/or promotion.

Traffic is absolutely critical. You simply MUST have traffic in order to succeed on the Internet.

Traffic is king. Without it you are sunk. It doesn’t matter how awesome your product is if nobody knows about it. You can have the best product in the world but without traffic (people) you won’t sell any. It would be the same as building the best widget ever created and then putting it in your closet where no one even sees it.

Enough about traffic, you get it. Traffic is just the first part of the formula. You can have all the traffic in the world but then you need…


This is another goofy word that really just means “message.” We already talked about getting a message in front of people in order to sell your fancy widget. Copywriting is the message they see.

What if you followed the first part and have tons of traffic? You have to have a great message to explain your product. What the hell are you going to say? What’s your “message”?

The message you use is called copywriting. Copywriting is nothing but words, BUT simple words are very powerful.

In your business you will measure the effectiveness of your message with a “conversion rate.” That’s heady way of saying, “How many people actually do the stuff I’m trying to get them to do?”

You want people that give you money…customers. You want to “convert” your traffic (the people) into customers (purchasers).

The words you use to tell them about your product will have a direct impact on how many of those people (traffic) will purchase.

You could say…

“I have a the best widget ever. It’s only $1. You can buy it from me now.”

Let’s say that message makes 1% of the people that hear it (traffic) purchase your widget. If you added something to your message — like a money back guarantee and an explanation of how it works and a list of ways that it is better than other widgets and a list of people who have tried it and what they thought about it — you will most likely get more people to buy it. That’s copywriting. What you say has a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Copywriting is just as critical as traffic.

But even with massive amounts of traffic and the best copywriting you still must have…


There are tons of different kids of products. Even services are products. Your product could even be selling the previous to parts of the formula, traffic and copywriting. Just understand that a product is not just something that comes in a box.

Many people starting out in their own Internet business start with affiliate programs as their “product”. This just means that you are selling someone else’s product. It’s still a product.

Your product choice is very important. The “market” you choose is even more critical and can help narrow down your product choice. I always recommend that you start with the largest markets.

Usually when I start to teach about starting in large markets my students start to freak out about competition. I’ll put it very simply.

Competition is good! If there is no, or very little, competition, in the market you choose, it will be very hard for you to make money. It’s also a telltale sign that the market is not viable, otherwise there would be other people in that market selling stuff!

In later posts I’ll give you detailed teaching on why competition is good and how to use that competition to grow your business. For now just start with what many call the “happiness” markets. People will pay money to be happy. I’m sure you can think of the markets yourself.

Everyone wants to:
1. make more money

2. lose weight

3. look better

4. live longer

5. get along better with people

6. be entertained

Start out in one of those markets, or at least a market very close to that. Don’t try to sell to one-legged, hippy surfers who are also Ford drivers. The lack of competition will cause you massive problems and your market is so limited you won’t make much money. You want a market that you can “scale” into. Just make sure the market you choose is BIG and you will be OK.

Alright, those are the basics. I’ll go into much more detail in the future.

For now, get the free market research tool and start using it to brainstorm a product.

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Now, get off your ass and do something productive!



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