July 21, 2013

Is your brain worth $100 million?

Hell no it isn’t! Your brain is worth BILLIONS!You are worth more than this

Maybe more.

“You have a level of COMPETENCE in delivering your brilliance or professional service. You deserve to be COMPENSATED for that brilliance.

If you aren’t, you have a combination of a COMMUNICATION gap, a CLARITY gap and a COMMITMENT gap. I can help with that…

If you’d rather CHANGE your COMPENSATION to be on par with your COMPETENCE, then hit me up.

In the alternative, at least be honest with your family and tell them that you are choosing to deprive them of the COMPENSATION spillover that THEY deserve because you’d rather operate WITHOUT help than with.

And then let them help you decide.”

My buddy Kevin Nations posted that on Facebook the other day. Simply brilliant.

Let me put it another way:

If you aren’t making what you are worth then you screwed up.

I know. I’ve been there. But no more.

I made a DECISION to be compensated for my competence.

You should too. Right f’ing now.

I can help you.

Apply here for one of the few spots available

Talk soon,

P.S. Are you sick of leaving money on the table?

One guy I talked to today made $40,000 in the FIRST WEEK using my systems.

Why aren’t you?

Apply to work with me here.

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”
– Andy Dufresne

Matt Trainer

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