December 28, 2013

Why 2014 is gonna suck

For all those people that constantly post ridiculously positive messages on facebook about the new year:2014 Sucks

2014 is going to suck royal ass for you.

Yep you read that right. It’s gonna be a disaster.

Why do I say that? Here’s why:

You don’t have it.

You don’t have that DNA.

You’ve never hustled.

You didn’t grow up with the right opportunities.

You think growing up with opportunities matters.

You don’t know how to take currently available opportunities.

You complain a lot.

You don’t see the big picture.

You might have a map, but you’re really bad with directions.

You expect handholding. “Oh if only someone would show me how…”

You think you’re entitled to rewards.

You place blame on others instead of taking control and figuring out what went wrong.

You half ass projects and say they’re failures.

You rarely, if at all, launch projects in the first place.

You don’t seek specified knowledge.

You buy a lot of information – courses, webinars, seminars, conferences – and let it all go in one ear and out the other.

You haven’t learned the very basics of doing work online.

You think “I’m not a techie” is a good excuse.

You haven’t learned the slightest bit about how a real business works.

You don’t enjoy producing content.

You’ve never studied classic marketing or sales literature.

You’ve never written an advertisement.

You’ve never made a sales call yet you expect to make thousands of dollars in sales overnight.

You waste a lot of time on things that don’t matter and then whine that you don’t have enough time to do the things that do.

You spend your free time thinking about doing something.

You tell anyone who will listen what you’re going to do.

You never do anything.

If you hate me now, it’s because some of that was true (or maybe all of it).

So why not change it and make 2014 (and every year after that) great?

I can help if you listen to me. Start here.

Or just stay tuned to my increasingly insightful emails. 🙂

Talk soon,
Matt “2014 And Beyond” Trainer

P.S. Yes I ripped this off from a post I did a couple years ago. You can read it here.

P.P.S. And yes, part of that post was ripped off from Karol Gajda.
(He gave permission so stop whining.) He’s brilliant so won’t hurt to follow him here.


Matt Trainer

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